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Staged Growth
Little River Railroad and Lumber Company Museum

Purchase property located in the old mill site, 100ft. by 324ft.
Purchase the necessary public liability insurance coverage for the Museum's anticipated operations.
File proper application for the highway turnout access from US 321 highway.
Move #2147 and other equipment to site and begin volunteer restoration.
Receive Walland Station (moved by other - free) on site and begin volunteer restoration. Native stone foundation - repair woodwork - window glass - paint.
Establish chemical type portable sanitary convenience houses for workers.
Develop access from River Road with parking.
Begin landscape plantings.

wpe486.jpg (51532 bytes)

Approach Southern Railroad for a retired Caboose.
Wire station with commercial type electrical conduit and fixtures from the top downward to mid-wall height. (flood resistive).
Plumb in treated system potable water.
Establish permanent restroom facilities.
Build freight platform on two sides of station with terraced deck and step designs on the remaining two faces.
Remove trucks and hardware from imitation Caboose. Retain and restore hardware.
Rebuild trucks with bolsters and make into logcar.

Receive Caboose from Southern Railroad (we move) and begin volunteer restoration.
Acquire flatcar and add on a surrey type room. Locate elements of sawmill carriage on this platform.
Complete access from US 321 - Build gravel street and permanent parking.

Approach Southern Railroad for boxcars to expand Museum and storage as necessary.

Pave access and parking.

Acquire adjacent lands if vacant and financially practical to expand green park area of Museum.

The Little River Railroad and Lumber Company is a non-profit corporation founded in 1982 to preserve the heritage of the the Little River Lumber Company and the Little River Railroad. We operate a museum in Townsend, Tennessee, collecting, preserving and exhibiting the history of these companies, and of the people in this region.