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Museum Concept
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Little River Railroad and Lumber Company

This proposal attempts to combine the original purpose of the Chamber's Project #2147 with the original motivation and spirit of the Train Moving Crew into an extension of those attitudes to establish a practically conceived, constructed and managed Cultural Heritage Museum in Townsend, Tennessee, relating to the Lumber and Railroad Industries of that area.

The initial concept of establishing #2147 and the Walland Station on a small parcel of land to be restored and displayed as freestanding exhibits seem to lack depth of purpose in that no provision for continued history collection and research existed.

The following is an attempt to upscale this original idea to a practical minimum, centrally located land acquisition that would support continued research and documentation necessary to a well-defined Cultural Heritage Museum as now anticipated by the Corporation.

The Corporation of necessity must temper its ambitions for this project with real and practical views of what can and cannot be accomplished in regards to present and future financial abilities. Therefore, staged growth from an accurately defined base on a pay as you grow basis is an elected option of this proposal.

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The final stages of development in this proposal will provide adequate space for exhibition of all museum items on a revolving basis at the optimum minimum cost. It is possible under this proposal to scale down operations and remain comfortable while maintaining a good equity position should unforeseen events beyond our control limit our financial resources.

We therefore propose that the Museum be located at the historical mill site which is presently a grassed meadow, relatively flat, and centrally located in Townsend. This park-like meadow is presently vulnerable to strip type commercial development because of the re-designation of adjacent Tennessee Highway 73, as United States Highway 321, and the declared interest to encourage increased tourist traffic on this route.

We feel that the only fair method available to limit wall to wall strip development is to buy and retire the lands which the community does not wish to see developed in this manner.

Therefore, we feel that the proposed location of the Museum at this site would retire some portion of this meadow to park usage such as the Maryville, Tennessee Greenbelt Development. We further feel that the Museum and its anticipated green park-like grounds will serve as an example to encourage like kind development on adjacent property. This proposal could at least become a green park interruption in the anticipated strip development.




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We believe that the Museum grounds and Shay #2147 should be open to the public's casual but controlled use, and that the Station building should serve not only as a Museum, but additionally as an informed community center where restrooms and an added freight platform would encourage and sustain story telling, whittling, checkers, rocking chairs, etc., as in days now past.

We feel that this openness to the community will foster public use and support for this community-based project and insure the completion of its goals.

We believe that the Southern Railroad will donate a steel Caboose to the Corporation for use as offices when they are convinced of the sincere purpose of our selfless Museum.

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I hope you enjoy your visit to the LRR&LC Museum WebSite.
Sandy Headrick
Project Director