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05/09/14 Last Update


Visit Blount County Tennessee... Smoky Mountain Gateway
Guest Book

Online since November of 1997, theBlountWeb has served Blount County Tennessee with information
about our community and links to Blount County Businesses.

Due to the abuse in theBlountWeb Guest Book I have taken it down. It's sad that one or two people can do so much to ruin a good thing for others and I apologize for having to take the automated functions out which made it easy to leave your comments.
Please if you have a comment or suggestion use my email address to send your comments
and I will post them here.

 [email protected]

3/26/2014 13:32
Lynn Smelts
[email protected]

02/25/2014 00:30
tawnya gomez
[email protected]

02/23/2014 22:08
Bush Loader
Wealthyville USA
[email protected]
Just here to do a little fishing.

02/20/2014 17:56
douglas s clark
harold v clark
hal clark @aol.com
I cant find your name on web site for blount web

02/20/2014 17:36
douglas s clark
harold v clark
hal clark @aol.com
I cant find your name on web site for blount web

02/19/2014 16:46
Anthony Sovert
[email protected]
Im an entrepreneur and am looking for a good investment. I own several fortune 500 companies and am looking to add a few more to the list. Any Ideas?

02/06/2014 15:08
John Henriksen
[email protected]
Would you please update the info for Word of Life Lutheran Church (NALC). The new address is: 627 Smith Professional Center Maryville, TN 37803. Phone 865-902-3457 e-mail [email protected]

01/10/2014 20:13
[email protected]
Nice site

01/10/2014 13:21
[email protected]
Interesting site, may well be of further use to me, so putting in my favorites.

01/06/2014 16:04
[email protected]
Some really interesting links, thank you

12/06/2013 17:41
Kelly Baird
[email protected]
Great. Looking forward to updates!

12/06/2013 17:41
Kelly Baird
[email protected]
Great. Looking forward to updates!

12/04/2013 15:56
Ron Murphy
[email protected]
How can I contact someone about listing a business on your site???

12/04/2013 15:53
Ron Murphy
[email protected]
How can I contact someone about listing a business on your site???

12/04/2013 09:58
[email protected]
[email protected]

11/15/2013 12:41
Daniella Knell
Boise, Idaho
[email protected]
Helping my grandfather, hopefully, to write a book about his WWII experiences. He was sent to Camp Forest after Fort Benjamin..

11/05/2013 23:29
[email protected]
Nice website, looks great!

11/02/2013 18:46
[email protected]
Very nice website!

10/19/2013 15:13
[email protected]
Loved Tennesee

10/03/2013 04:46
[email protected]
I confused, why suddenly I got plenty of mails? But I will not falter, take this: [email protected] as you wish..

08/21/2013 15:23
[email protected]

07/13/2013 18:54
david marsh
scunthorpe,north lincolnshire.u.k
[email protected]
Always supporting all those who expose what affects people in society. From all your friends at http://www.tomthumb.info/tt/ Thank you.

07/13/2013 18:53
david marsh
scunthorpe,north lincolnshire.u.k
[email protected]
Always supporting all those who expose what affects people in society. From all your friends at http://www.tomthumb.info/tt/ Thank you.

06/24/2013 02:09
Esther Reagan Compton

02/22/2013 05:38
Wendy Sorenson
Las Vegas, NV
[email protected]
We ate moving to Maryville TN. We would like to live in Blount County. I have more hours on severial websites trying to find the zip codes that are accepted by the sco systems. I would like to send my children to Heritage high school. All the zoning maps I have found are in color codes with no specific information. I am able to type in an exact address to locate the school, but as we are just starting to look I do not have an exact address to use. Is there anywhere I can find this information or receive any help with this matter?

12/20/2012 20:16
Bycicle and things shouldnt be ruind or stolen

12/12/2012 00:20
[email protected]
Wonderful site. Love it. Want to learn more

11/26/2012 12:37
[email protected]
Thank you, this was interesting

10/30/2012 09:31
[email protected]
I am a businessman always looking for opportunities to make money.

10/12/2012 20:37
[email protected]
id like updates! *hugs* [email protected]

10/10/2012 15:58
[email protected]
Great site! I learned a lot of cool stuff!

10/09/2012 14:10
[email protected]
need to shed cash in risky overseas venture please help

10/09/2012 14:08
[email protected]
need to shed cash in risky overseas venture please help

10/09/2012 14:07
[email protected]
need to shed cash in risky overseas venture please help

09/01/2012 17:40
[email protected]
Would like to contact Steve Speer regarding the 31st Infantry Regiment. My father was one of the Army men sent to help from the Phillipines to Japan during the 1923 earthquake. I have him on tape telling the story if Steve would be interested. Our service men deserve a mention of what they did to help those poor people. He can also tell you the ship they traveled on to get there, how they took nurses with them, etc. Please contact me if you are interested in his story. Thanks, June

08/12/2012 20:25
Mason Picker
[email protected]
I am looking for overseas business opportunities. Email me at [email protected]

04/15/2012 16:34
[email protected]
[email protected]

03/12/2012 20:58
[email protected]

01/16/2012 22:06
Evie Biby
[email protected]
Does anyone know of a Gene Walker, the father of Pearl Walker. The mother is Stella Dills. Pearl was born in 1950. I have the death certificate and copy of funeral bill.

12/05/2011 11:01
Burton Eugene Smith (Lockwood adopted name)
Originally Maryville
[email protected] or [email protected]
Looking for relatives of my father. Benjamin Eugene Smight who was a cabinet maker and served in WWII. Grandfather was Burton Smith and Grandmother Rebecca Smith. Father and mother (Dorathy Smight (Fox) meet when father was recouping from injuries received during the war. Parents divorced when I was very young. Would like to meet any of my fathers relatives.

10/24/2011 15:26
Cinda Vinyard
Spencer, Oklahoma
[email protected]
Stumbled upon website while looking for ancestral information. Grandchild of Arthur Clay Vinyard, Gr Grandchild of Andrew F Vinyard (Vineyard).

10/20/2011 21:12
Lynda M Clinch
Perth WA
[email protected]
Ronald Fredrick Blount born 23 September 1941, sisters Sylvia, Patricia, Lyndelle mother Gladys he also has 3 other children Gordan,teresa not sure of the third child from Derbyshire contact number is 0437055134.

07/14/2011 08:47

06/25/2011 15:32
Russell D.C. Owens
Cedartown,Ga. 30125
[email protected]
a great place to spend a vacation. especially being able to exsperience the oldtimers day both times of the year

06/23/2011 11:17
[email protected]
Looking for any information that can be provided about the family of Jenny Butler Anderson in connection with research I am doing on family history.

06/12/2011 17:06
Steve Arrowood
Rome, Ga
[email protected]
To visit next week....

06/07/2011 08:36
Jeff Kindrick
Maryville TN
[email protected]
Just stumbled across this website. To someone who is abroad and misses his beloved Blount County, this website is a comfort. Thanks to all who make it possible, and I will be one of your most faithful readers.

05/20/2011 13:31
John H Daniel Co
s. Mosier
[email protected]
Wher is a John H Daniel outlet located in Alcoa, TN.?

05/20/2011 13:29
John H Daniel Co
s. Mosier
[email protected]
Wher is a John H Daniel outlet located in Alcoa, TN.?

05/20/2011 13:29
John H Danier Co

05/07/2011 18:13
David Reed
[email protected]
need some cheap places to stay for the 4 day event, Thank you

04/29/2011 01:10
Cherry So
[email protected]
I wish I could go there. Looks beautiful.
Reply: Just come on!
Steve Speer - theBlountWeb

04/15/2011 12:12
Steve Speer - theBlountWeb
[email protected]
In response to Billie Charles Riddle Jr. I just wanted to tell Billie that he is not alone in saying he wished would have asked his papaw about his papaws past. I think most of us feel this way... I miss my grandparents and the wisdom and understanding they had of life. If you still have grandparents... cling to them.

04/15/2011 09:55
billy charles riddle jr.
maryville, tn
[email protected]
wish i would have ask papaw about his past

03/25/2011 12:46
James Hazlerigg-Kinlay
[email protected]
I am researching several families who had connections with Blount Co. They are the Hazleriggs, Rutherfords, to name but two.

03/16/2011 13:35
tom arnold sr
[email protected]
have visited Townsend for the last 20 years, always an enjoyable stay where ever we stay, have stayed 3 nights to 8 nights. hate to leave each time. Gods handiwork is everywhere, just so beautiful.

03/16/2011 13:29
tom arnold sr
[email protected]

03/04/2011 23:25
charles stephen blount
Blount,W.VA 25025
[email protected]
I was going through your part of the county and noticed a sign to vote for Steve Blount for County Commissioner. Did he win? I had to have one of the sign along the road. Please forgive me

02/21/2011 20:44
David Reed
Zoflo Springs, Fl
[email protected]
looking for a reasonable place to stay for 2 Seniors July 6-10, 2011 for the Smokey Mountain Classic tournament

02/21/2011 20:42
David Reed
Zoflo Springs, Fl
[email protected]
looking for a reasonable place to stay for 2 Seniors July 6-10, 2011 for the Smokey Mountain Classic tournament

01/28/2011 19:32
Trina Maureen Clinch
frin Perth W.A
my father was Ronald Frederick Blount born 23rd Sept 1941 looking for his family Gordon Gladys is grandmother patricia Linda Sylvia i really would like to know of their whereabouts or others in close relation please 0401629214 is my mobile number

01/18/2011 10:32
Mark Beber
Auburn, IN
[email protected]
I have been to Townsend over 15 times now, and plan to retired in that area in another 10 years. You southern folk are very kind and caring people, and that is what I want to be around when I retire. And did I mention I love the mountains?

01/10/2011 22:20
Susan Bealler
I can search all day long and never find another community website like the Blount Web (and your other web sites related to Blount County) which continue to edify and give God the praise and glory for the work. The support of local businesses you have in the directories serves as a testimony to the citizens of the county, and a testimony to the webs sites themselves. Not many web sites dare mention any words concerning Jesus in these days.

12/25/2010 22:44
new layout looks great! keep up the good work!!

12/16/2010 16:05
[email protected]

12/10/2010 20:11
maggie kuchcinski
Montpelier, In. 47359
eager to get moved to east TN. Finishing college, we should be down there within the next year. YAY!!!

10/23/2010 06:57
Jerry Crumley

10/15/2010 23:12
Donald R. McMurray
Eastland, Texas
Doing geneology research--Eusebia Presbyterian Church-enjoyed your web site--I visited Marysville and found inhabitants very hospitable.

10/03/2010 09:48
James Ray Norkett
Monroe N.C.
[email protected]
my grandfather & mother Reubin & Mary Jane Blount 5 gen Back

09/09/2010 12:58
Ian Chadwick
[email protected]
I was researching an ancestor named Robert Porter who emigrated from England in 1860, settled in Blount County and fought with the 14th Tennessee Infantry Regiment from 1861-1865.

08/25/2010 01:56
absolutely wonderful! so much help!

08/04/2010 14:32
Deborah Lowery
[email protected]
Loads of helpful information. I love to surf the web and your sites are great. Thanks

07/30/2010 08:22
letha lehman
Knoxville, TN
[email protected]
I was looking for an article rebutting that Sunshine, TN (near Walland and Townsend) is NOT a ghost town. The article is written by Donna Pinguay....and I was looking for the web article. Do you have any idea where I might get a copy of this from the internet?

07/19/2010 20:46

07/11/2010 02:27
mike rogers
tn [email protected],com
Great site wishded I had visited earlier

07/10/2010 16:32
David Leo White Sr.
Bend, OR
[email protected]
I was looking for census for Blount County Tennessee.

06/29/2010 17:21
Rodney Stanford
Louisville Ky
Planning to relocate and used your web sites to scout the county. Plenty of good information and enough realtors under one roof that saved me time searching for them. Good web sites for anyone looking in to your community.

06/26/2010 22:34
James & Sharron McCain
[email protected]
ONe of my ancestors, my ggggg granfather John McCain was supposed to have settled in the area of what became eastern Tennessee near the White River. Plan on visiting this area in the fall (2010).

06/15/2010 16:16
renee padgett
ferguson kentucky
[email protected]

05/20/2010 22:32
Caitlyn Robertson
South Africa

04/05/2010 20:36
Sabrina Curry
[email protected]
Steve! I cannot believe I found your website. We miss Mayville very much and talk about your family often. Lindsay has tried hard to find Sarah online with no luck. Her email is [email protected] Hope all is well and I LOVE your website!

03/22/2010 16:42
bobby keith
durant ,ms
[email protected]

03/16/2010 10:53
Barb Slansky
[email protected]
The Blount Builders link is not functioning.

03/09/2010 10:33
Elizabeth Day
[email protected]
Thank you!

01/28/2010 21:58
Matt Farrand
Maryville, TN
Big THANKS to Steve for putting all of this together. What a great service to Blount County & those relocating here! Your listing of churches is a fantastic idea. Thanks for including Maryville Vineyard Church. Blessings

12/30/2009 07:47
joe contralistigo
fred donatelli
[email protected]
fantastic set of websites!

11/27/2009 15:46
[email protected]
good site

11/07/2009 22:19
Mary (Whitehead) Smith
Humble, TX
[email protected]
Love Cades Cove, trying to trace the Whitehead family to see if they are ancestors

10/03/2009 11:08
Patrick York
[email protected]
Moving to Maryville as soon as we find a house we like. Everyting is better in Blount Co.!

09/22/2009 11:45
Denise Harrell
Abbeville, GA
[email protected]
My family and I have fallen in Love with Townsend and Cades Cove. We are from a small town and we love the serenity of the mountains.

09/17/2009 19:08
Jerry w Crumley Sr
[email protected]
I visited this website years ago and really like it and still do

09/13/2009 15:58
Raymond Finney
[email protected]
Steve: You have created a remarkable resource for Blount County-- truly a labor of love. I appreciate your efforts. I frequently use your site, which often has readily accessible information difficult to find elsewhere. Again, thank you!

09/06/2009 21:14
Jim Landers
North Miami,Florida
[email protected]
My wife and I have visited Townsend in 2008 and 2009.Each time we come we stay a few days more.W e hike on different trails and always bicycle the Cades Cove area of The Great Smokey Mountains.I went on a bike ride from a bike shop in Maryville called Cycology Bicycles.The ride was led by one of the stores employee[45 miles of hils and flats].

09/05/2009 13:27
[email protected]

08/29/2009 10:13
John Ogletree
Knoxville Tn
[email protected]

08/24/2009 15:44
Carol George
Loganville, GA
[email protected]
Love the Peaceful Side of the Smokies!

08/13/2009 19:19
Thomas Haven
OH at the moment

08/10/2009 13:16
Patrick York
[email protected]
Have you ever thought about making a calender?

07/26/2009 22:17
Jessica Waddell Keller
madisonville tn
[email protected]
I miss you all

07/19/2009 19:04
John Norton
Maryville,Tn, and Tucson,AZ
[email protected]
Wish i was back in Tennessee

06/14/2009 21:02
Carey Huguet & Family
New Orleans, LA
[email protected]
We have made the trip to Townsend for several years and enjoy every trip each time. We try something new and do many of the things we enjoy the most like Cades Cove. I pray that God nor man change Townsend, because it is already perfect.

06/08/2009 15:19
Shelia Seeber
Hazen, Ar
[email protected]

06/06/2009 21:24
Donna Henle
Plantation, FL
[email protected]

06/06/2009 11:22
wesley lewis
[email protected]

06/06/2009 10:33
[email protected]
great site keep it up!

05/25/2009 08:41
Jorge (George) Chaparro
[email protected]
Website is getting better and more informative every time I visited. Keep the good work. Go Vols

05/04/2009 15:46
Sue Farley
Minisink Valley Middle School, Slate Hil, NY
[email protected]

05/04/2009 15:45
Sue Farley
Minisink Valley Middle School, Slate Hil, NY
[email protected]

04/27/2009 13:30
Patricia A. Harmon
[email protected]

04/07/2009 14:10
[email protected]

02/22/2009 23:46
[email protected]
Found your site, looking for a list of up coming Art & Craft Festivals, for this year. You have put together a wonderful site ! THANK YOU ! I found it very interesting that SO many people, from all over the world, have signed The Guest Book...I humbly say (everyday)...I AM BLESSED TO LIVE HERE !!!

02/22/2009 05:13
Leon Mahaffey,
Pinson, Alabama

02/19/2009 15:15
[email protected]
I just want to take a moment to compliment your website,and I was delighted to see my church listed there. Our church has warm, loving people of all ages, worshipping God and hearing the word of God taught. There are no rituals, or money going where you do not wish for it to go. Calvary Chapel Blount on Gill Street tithes 1/3 of the monies given to Gospel for Asia, reaching out to teach those who do not know who Jesus is. I want to encourage anyone looking for a church to visit us. We have about 40 attending, so come see us and bring a friend.

01/26/2009 22:31
[email protected]
i am very interesed in my background

01/13/2009 21:55
[email protected]
great site any place to leave small camper on a permanent rental site?

01/10/2009 15:29
Ray Knoll
[email protected]
We will be in the Knoxville area for two weeks after January 14,2009. I will probably look for a plumber and contractor to upgrade a drain field problem on the property that is under contract. Any recommendations??

01/05/2009 00:04
[email protected]
thanks 4 sharing ben quillen,s life and testimony. i know he is with the lord. he lived a lifetime in so few years

12/20/2008 19:26
Diane Smith
Herrin, IL
[email protected]
time for a lifestyle change- considering moving to knoxville area

12/10/2008 07:28
Rev Harry
[email protected]
Your site is very well done. Good work!

12/02/2008 21:58
Cheryl Beavers
Maryville tn
[email protected]
Great to find a local website, just moved to the area.

10/24/2008 10:34
Mike Wells
[email protected]
Nice Site

10/22/2008 13:55
Ted Goodard
Thanks for all the great web sites. Someone has taken a lot of time and effort to show your community to the world.

10/14/2008 07:24
[email protected]
i like what you are doing keep it up

09/15/2008 16:34
norma cannon
jakin ga
[email protected]

08/28/2008 06:57
Washington state
Sometimes I think of moving and Tenn. It is what I think of always. Thanks for the pictures. They are beautiful.

08/21/2008 04:40
onitsha nigeria
[email protected]
very good site keep it on

07/26/2008 14:52
Lucretia Mashia
Burlington, VT
[email protected]
Would like a listing of homes or condos in Maryville,TN. Also would like specifics as to price of median homes, cost of property taxes, utilities, ect. Also pictures of the city and how far to Knoxville Airport.

07/21/2008 20:16
Wini Fletcher
[email protected]
We will be moving to the Columbia, TN area in 2009 and would like to know where I can find natural precious & semi-precious stones. Also, would like to know if there is a market for UNIQUE, BEADED JEWELRY & WIRE WRAPED PENDANTS AND WIRE WRAPED STONES.

07/06/2008 08:59
adam maher
[email protected]
You have inspired me to see the Smoky Mountians

07/05/2008 22:48
Jessica Waddell Keller

07/03/2008 14:55
adams mudaze
[email protected]
I love your site.

06/01/2008 21:29
greta smith
chatsworth ga 30705
[email protected]
A lot of helpful info on the area

05/20/2008 22:19
Steve and Linda Richardson
Dyersburg, TN
[email protected]

05/18/2008 15:38
Shelby and Shelia Templeton
Monroe, Louisiana
[email protected]
We love Townsend Tennessee! We hope to one day move to Townsend and become residents of this wonderful little town. We love the mountains and the peacefulness that we feel when we are visiting there.

05/16/2008 21:06
Kimberly Fife
[email protected]
owner of Eden Salon & Spa

05/15/2008 12:03

05/03/2008 13:57
jane reid
union city, tn 38261
[email protected]
love blount county and the smoky mountain. would love to live there

05/02/2008 03:08
betty parent
metairie, louisiana
[email protected]
will be coming to townsend in july. any room specials?

05/01/2008 22:13
G. Limoge
Sun City Center, FL
You have a lovely web site, but it could use more information from restaurants. Thank you.

04/28/2008 16:27
Leonell Dauphinais
Canterbury Connecticut
[email protected]
Beautiful mountians We love to vivit the area and posibley look into relocating near Maryville TN. Blount county or Monroe county

04/28/2008 08:48
F McDonald
Fort Benning, GA
[email protected]
Just bought land in Blount County to retire to and build on in 2 or 4 years. It will be GREAT to live in east TN again after 28+ years in the Army.

04/15/2008 15:36
Dewey Merle Jackson (Merle)
Foley, Alabama
[email protected]
Born and raised in Townsend, left about the age of 9. Have grave plots at Bethel. Love the area and people. I remember the logging era, dad worked for the Little River Lumber Company. I recall walking across the mill pond on logs. To do something like that today a kid would be grounded. We visit Townsend every chance we get and hope to return as we are, before returning in a box. Thanks for keeping Townsend HOME.

04/12/2008 14:16
Shirley Rupert
Above and Beyond Custom Interiors
[email protected]
Looking forward to the Home Tour.

04/02/2008 21:00
Battle Creek MI
Nice Web We are hoping to relocate to Tn. Very user friendly. Thanks

03/30/2008 23:04
Lexington, Kentucky
Just returned home from a weekend in Townsend. Had excellent service at Little River Outfitters, Fly fishing store extraordinaire! Also, stayed at the Riverstone Lodge, ate at their restaurant, great food and service. We will stay here again. And, we avoided Pigeon Forge in going into the Park. So peaceful!

03/28/2008 12:56
Leonell Dauphinais
[email protected]
Looking for a few homes to chose from. May be interisted in relocating for retirement and purchasing a new home.

03/26/2008 17:25
annie westbrook
columbia, tn
[email protected]

03/01/2008 20:28
Louisa Monk
country of Kuwait
[email protected]
Looking into retiring and coming home to States, and purchase of home in Blount County, TN.

02/26/2008 09:02
sanford, fl
[email protected]
could anyone tell me more about life in maryville? we are relocating with four young children and want to make the best of our move.

02/10/2008 18:54
Judy King
Very nice web site. Wish there were more like it. Mail bounced to [email protected] There are several bad links on http://www.blountweb.com/seniors/services.htm .

02/05/2008 17:22
Marsha Croteau
Port Hueneme, CA

01/07/2008 14:18
ahoskie,NC 27910
hope tovisit

12/19/2007 17:16
[email protected]

12/05/2007 14:15
Tamie Arbogast
Farmington, WV
[email protected]
This is a great sight that shows the wonderful areas The Smokies have to offer. My husband introduced me to Townsend & Cades Cove on our honeymoon 15 yrs ago and I have been hooked ever since. We lived in Roanoke, VA for 12 of those years so visits to Townsend/Cades Cove were plentiful each year. Now we live in North Central West Virginia which makes the trips not as often but our love for the area is still strong. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures and information,,, if helps to keep us informed in between our visits.

11/10/2007 08:25
Michael Eustis
Ocean Gate, New Jersey
[email protected]
Sounds like a great town you have down there.

10/31/2007 00:09
Carolyn Russell
[email protected]

10/29/2007 17:52
Cheryl Villanueva
Corpus Christi, TX
[email protected]

10/26/2007 08:55
Susan Moran
Houston, TX
[email protected]
just curious about this part of the country

10/23/2007 10:06
[email protected]
Great website. Thank you for all of this.

10/17/2007 18:44
Angela Bean
Stuarts Draft, VA also Townsend, TN
[email protected]
I live in Stuarts Draft VA but also have a house in Townsend, TN & I just want to say that TN is beautiful, a great place to live. I like the websites, it keeps in touch with TN.

10/09/2007 13:23
myron c. stanley
38 overlook pointe hattiesburg ms. 39402
[email protected]

10/02/2007 12:46
James and Mary Click
Georgetown, Texas
[email protected]
We are thinking of moving to Tennessee and your area is beautiful. My wife and I are planning a trip to Tennessee at the end of this month. would it be possible to get any information from you. Our address is 105 Draper Lane Georgetown Tx. 78628

09/26/2007 10:03
Alicia Russell
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
Awsome web-site with useful links!

09/13/2007 21:20
Jim Landers
North Miami,Florida
[email protected]
Have visited Townsend three years in a row staying at the Best Western Inn in 2005 and at the Talley-Ho in 2006 and 2007. The weather is great and the area is very clean and safe for bike riding. Will come back again.

09/12/2007 21:31
Jason Wade
[email protected]
Love the new look of the sight. Well just wanted to say hi.

09/11/2007 21:28
Mike & Barbara Hall
We love the Mountains in the fall colors and the hospitality is great

08/30/2007 20:51
Kenneth Avers
Clyde, Ohio
[email protected]
looking forward to having a high school class reunion here in Sept, 2008

08/25/2007 17:14
larry larock
sharon springs ny
[email protected]
i am looking for country property in the townsend area

08/23/2007 11:55
Jerry Thornton
Lilburn, GA
[email protected]
Great web site. Almost too good. Read the comments about it making people want to move to Blount County. Soon it will be like my county here in GA..Population 762,531. I was raised Maryville..Makes me homesick.

08/03/2007 14:22
nellie domenick
mission viejo ca 92692
[email protected]
seeking information for genealogy. Curtis Hart Alcoa Tenn.

08/03/2007 12:17
Kay Wicker
[email protected]

07/28/2007 02:18
Al Lowd
Currently in Bridgnorth, England
[email protected]
Enjoying my stay with friends in England, but will be wonderful to be back home in Maryville, TN soon. Grew up in NH, 20 plus years traveling during a military career. No place on earth like Blount County, TN.

06/25/2007 09:12
John Chidester
Maryville TN
[email protected]
Great Site! Valuable information about business and activities in the area

06/18/2007 10:42
Jeanette Hitchcock
Dunnellon, FL
[email protected]
Being from Florida we are looking for a cool peaceful retreat for a few days this coming July. We visted Pigeon Forge a few years ago but it is real hectic so we were looking for accommodations on the Peaceful side of the smokies.

06/12/2007 15:17
eric and tammie bidwell
[email protected]
We come to Townsend for a get away as often as we can. Love the area. We are home sick for Townsend when we leave and return to North Florida. Can you tell me the name of the lake off of the Foothills Parkway? I am unable to get any info of it off of the net. We would like to visit the lake when we return this later this summer.

05/30/2007 22:15
Kay Overbey
[email protected]
I have been busy searching the web for summer camps for children that I work with. Thank you for your easy access to the Parks and Rec site.

05/28/2007 13:55
Laci Welker
Wayland, Iowa
[email protected]
My family and I will be on our way to Townsend in 5 long days. We cannot wait to spend our summer vacation in the Smoky Mountains and Townsend.

05/24/2007 13:42
T C Wells
Tyler, Texas
Looking forward to another visit to the Smokies.

05/24/2007 12:56
Randy Frank
[email protected]
Very Impressive Work!

05/22/2007 18:44
Georgia Rector
Maud, Texas
[email protected]
I have requested rates, availability, etc. for this summer. I hope that you have one of your beautiful cabins available for us and our three grandchildren (all girls).

05/05/2007 15:19
Frances E. (Roulette) Morton
Starke Fl
[email protected]

04/25/2007 23:22
Diane Hicks
[email protected]
I relocated to Maryville from So FL. I wish I had access to this website then. It would have provided much valuable information. Thanks

04/21/2007 10:37
Lynn FAtica
[email protected]
Looking for property in the Thunderhead Mtn development in Walland, TN.

04/20/2007 13:20
Max Power
Boston, MA
[email protected]
I really enjoyed your site.

04/19/2007 20:15
jessica bailey
[email protected]

04/12/2007 01:06
James & Ilona Watkins
Lakeland, FL
[email protected]
We love Townsend!!! Hope to move there in the near future. Beautiful country!

04/04/2007 21:14
Howard Call
Ellijay, Ga
[email protected]
We always attend Old Timers day, spring and fall, and always enjoy it very much.

03/19/2007 01:38
Kelly Bosse
My parents were raised in blount county, I was not. I have many memories of traveling through the years of visiting my kinfolks. Now what family I have left is in Tenn., I in Ohio. The only thing that calms me when I am missing them and the beautiful hills of Tenn., is this website. Keep up the wonderful work. Thank you
Kelly - I am truly thankful for the kind words. Your comment reflects what theBlountWeb is about... if it only blesses one person then it is worth every minute of work put into it. - Steve Speer

02/25/2007 20:15
[email protected]

02/23/2007 13:27
Wewahitchka, Florida
[email protected]
Love your website and visit Blount county on vacation at least once a year. Blount county is truly a piece of heaven on earth. We hope to own our own little bit of blount county in the near future.

01/29/2007 14:22
Joyce Goodman
Lakeland, Florida 33801
[email protected]
I loved the site, it is the best I have seen.

01/27/2007 16:42
Florida - soon to relocate in Tennessee
[email protected]
Beautiful site...thank you for some of the most helpful information

01/19/2007 17:44
janice burgess
crossville tn
[email protected]
would like to promo/post our events of our bluegrass music parlor//family entertainment/live shows/insideone show a month/with two seasonal festivals//April and September
TheBlountWeb is for Blount County Businesses, Events, etc. I cannot compromise the county boundaries and allow outside events or businesses however great they may be. Over the years I've had to turn down many requests. I feel honored that you would ask to be placed in our calendars and I thank you for visiting theBlountWeb.
Steve Speer

01/19/2007 13:28
Renee&George W illiams
Florala Alabama
[email protected]
We love the Smokemountain.And would love to visit sometimes.

01/13/2007 15:46
Lucille Morgan
Nicoma Park,Oklahoma
[email protected]
I thought I would check out about blount county, tennessee cause some of my ancestors was born in that county or in maryville.

01/08/2007 16:29
Stephen Blount
Stephen Blount - Hernando, MS
[email protected]
The last time I signed the guestbook was in 2001. I am still interested in finding someone that may know more about my ancestors. Is there anyone out there that may be able to help? If so, what type of historical information would you need from me? I have history back as far as my Great-great grandparents.

01/02/2007 18:52
[email protected]

12/01/2006 15:28
Jenna Duckett (used to be Jenna Brooks)
Lexington, KY (was Maryville, Tn while growing up)
[email protected]
Hey. I have been on here a lot before,but I have never signed the guestbook. I just wanted to tell you to keep putting pics of the area on here. Everytime I start getting homesick I come on here and check out the pics. It helps for a little while at least. I have moved all over but nowhere is like Maryville. I love Maryville and will probably end up there again sometime.

10/30/2006 14:46
Alfred (Fred) Sanders
Columbus, Georgia
[email protected]
Have been doing research on my grandparents James Harry and Laura Ella Underwood Robinson. The kind folks at the Blount County Library have been of great help. Hope to come up there soon for a visit and see my old home site.

10/20/2006 14:54
Mgbadason Ken
Lome Togo
[email protected]
husband and I are in the process of relocating to Blount County. Your website has been very helpful in giving us a virtual tour of the area. Thank you and God bless!

10/17/2006 14:45
Emily Love
northeastern Ohio
[email protected]
Having been to and through your beautiful state, am wondering about the possibility of relocating. Would love to know more about land (2 acres plus) near Big South Fork, suitable for horses. Is there such a thing, and is it affordable? Thanks,

10/16/2006 10:03
Steve & Chris Bailey
New Castle INDIANA
[email protected]
We love the Smokies. We are relocating very soon to Maryville. What a wonderful creation to enjoy!!!

10/07/2006 19:02
Lisa and Charles Jamison
Woodbridge, VA
[email protected]
We have been renting cabins from Timberwinds since 1995 in the Townsend area and it brings our lives into perspective everytime we come.

09/30/2006 19:01
Angela McClendon
Fort Worth, Texas
[email protected]
I love the Smokies, and Townsend feels like my home away from home...this was the first summer that I was unable to go for a vacation since 1999. Last summer I worked for a few weeks at CAM Cabin Crafts on Wears Valley Road. The mountains take my breath away...thanks for providing this website so I can see my favorite place on the planet!

09/22/2006 21:47
linda may
st. augustine fl.
[email protected]
Oh to live in that area would be a dream come true. we visit as often a we can.

09/19/2006 08:31
Kay Wicker
New Albany, MS
[email protected]
We love Cades Cove and the Townsend area.

09/13/2006 11:55
Harold Duncan
Farmland, Indiana
[email protected]
As a direct descendant of John Oliver, any new information about Cades Cove is of interest to me. My wife and I picked up a copy of the Townsend Traveler while visiting there a few weeks ago. As always, we enjoyed our trip to the Cove and surrounding areas.

09/07/2006 23:32
West Knoxville
[email protected]
We are building a log home in Townsend. Should be done this fall. It is a dream come true for us.The smokies will be across the street from our deck. We are so lucky to be in such a beautiful place.

08/04/2006 19:12
Ray McConnaughey
[email protected]

08/04/2006 12:19
Steve Speer
[email protected]
Jennifer... thanks for pointing out the non-working links. TheBlountWeb has recently been moved over to a faster server and I am finding other links which have failed to work after the transfer. I will take care of this very soon.

08/04/2006 15:22
Jennifer Anderson
[email protected]
The photographs are lovely, thank you. However, none of the links worked on expressions, at least most of them that I clicked did not anyway. We are looking to move to Blount County for our retirement. Perhaps Maryville? We are still doing research on the area as it is early days yet. Thank you for such a lovely website.

08/02/2006 20:36
glen and dorothy miller
jackson tn
[email protected]
We love townsend we have been staying there for the past 8 years. We always rent from Mary and Ford Edmunds they are the nicest people and have such nice clean cabins we spend most of our time in Cades Cove and I can never get enough

07/18/2006 13:52
James and Lari Beckley
Deltona, Florida
[email protected]
My husband and I are in the process of relocating to Blount County. Your website has been very helpful in giving us a virtual tour of the area. Thank you and God bless!

07/01/2006 17:58
Morga Muguson
[email protected]
fine site

06/03/2006 20:54
Douglas Bowers
[email protected]
Love the sight but I've got to say I love the area more.I'm currently in the process of moving my wife and kids to Blount County.See ya' soon.

05/30/2006 11:13
Steve Barbeau
LeRoy, NY
[email protected]
Looking to relocate after retirement in a few years- Definitely going to visit Blount Co. (probably Fall 07)- thanks for the help

05/20/2006 22:39
Cheri Millsaps Odegaard
Post Falls, Idaho
[email protected]
Would also love to visit Blount County one day. Great website, beautiful area.

05/15/2006 08:45
Missy Howard
El Paso TX
Would love to visit Blount County one day. By the way, I've never seen a site like this one, it does not bore the visitor. Just great!

05/12/2006 21:27
S. Lange
[email protected]
Fell in love with the area and am moving there the end of the month.

05/11/2006 09:16
Steve Speer
[email protected]
Thanks to the efforts of Michael Niederer the guestbook is back in working order after being down because of a move to a faster server a few months back. Thanks Michael.

10/12/2005 14:06
Jorge L. Chaparro
Seal Systems - Maryville
[email protected]
Great looking website - like the changes. I have not visited this site for a while and the changes really caught my eyes.. keep it up and maintain that special touch of small town.

10/01/2005 19:37
Ben Givens
Tampa, FL
[email protected]

09/26/2005 22:16
[email protected]
You really know your town. I especially like the History section - Great photos! You may want to include some unified navigation from page to page. A site visitor could get lost if using a browser without back and forward buttons. Great informational website!

09/26/2005 21:05
Linda may
st. augustine , fl.
[email protected]
Please include a list of smoke free restaurants in Blount County.

09/23/2005 14:45
Marisabel Melendez
Cape Coral Florida
[email protected]
please include me in a listing of properties for sale

09/14/2005 13:14
Lucas Stephens
Rockford, TN
[email protected]
I've lived here my entire life and still visit this webpage to help keep me up to date on the latest in blount county.

09/08/2005 21:06
areta walker
turlock california
[email protected]
Visited the county a couple months ago; will be coming to show my husband next week; we fell in love with Tennessee

09/05/2005 09:01
Janelle Sevario
Walker Louisiana
[email protected]
Thank you for this site. I come here almost everyday to see what the mountains look like today. One day I'm moving to Maryville. Love this place. Janelle

09/04/2005 18:04
sue harpold
[email protected]
I'm interested in Ruth Smith's paintings; do you have any contact information?

thank you

08/29/2005 19:22
Mamie Evans
I think you've worked hard on this and it's very impressive..keep up the good work and God Bless you and your family, especially Fred.

08/24/2005 22:36
Debra Young
Blount County Alabama
[email protected]
My son and I were just through that area and really loved it. Just might accidently might be a place to think about when relocating

08/24/2005 01:16
fort walton beach florida
[email protected]

08/14/2005 13:30
Colleen Kraft
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
Wonderful photographs and a well designed site...well wishes for continued success...

Jake and Colleen Kraft
Glorious Image Photography
II Cor. 3:18

07/24/2005 22:20
Jonathan and Nancy Bates
Stuart Florida
[email protected]
We have just purchased property in Saddleridge on Bates Mountian. We hope to live in your beautiful county within 2 years.

10/01/2003 20:39
Barry Gordon Blount
Hamilton, Ontario Canada
[email protected]
Originally from near Manchester England. Father, Oliver Blount from Shirland, Derbyshire, England. Grandfather was James Blount from Derbyshire, England.
Would like to contact any possible relatives, as will be travelling through to Florida week of July 31 to Aug 6, 2005.

07/23/2005 09:46
billy riddle
oklahoma (originally from maryville tn)
[email protected]
just starting a family tree(which is in blount county), and ran upon your site. love it!
if anyone can help me with my family tree, my grandfather's name was charles anderson riddle(died 1977), married to reva borden.
anyway, thanks to blountweb for a touch of home, i miss it.

07/19/2005 13:23
Mary Ann Young
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
Love your site! It's about time! If anyone is thinking of moving to the Townsend/Maryville area, please check out our webpage or email me direct and I'll be happy to help you. www.laurelvalleyrealestate.com

06/30/2005 13:48
its me
[email protected]
hey pops i tryed to email you but it wont work i dunno whats goin on!!! help me. it keeeps sayin theres an error i dont know if its the computer or if my email isnt set up correctly..... i love you!!!

06/28/2005 14:06
Jeannie Abbott
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
I need to find a nice place or a fixer-upper so I can start a "bed and breakfast". Can you help me?

06/26/2005 14:42
Catherine Inglesby
Savannah, GA
[email protected]
My mother grew up in Blount County (Butler) and we have many relative still living there. Am interested in swinging bridge that our grandfather (now deceased) took us to. any info on old swinging bridges in area would be appreciated. Thanks

06/24/2005 22:13
linda gail henry may
blount county --now florida
[email protected]
love reading the daily times

06/19/2005 11:29
[email protected]

06/18/2005 16:49
Lisa Jamison
Woodbridge, VA
[email protected]
Vacation in Townsend and want to make it our home.

06/17/2005 17:36
A. J. Schleicher
New Port Riche, Fl.
[email protected]

03/05/2005 18:07
Helen Blount
Leesburg, FL
[email protected]
I just love the BlountWeb....makes me dream of moving to Blount County....we drove thru Maryville once and just loved it....can't wait to go back for a vacation....

06/14/2005 09:49
carrie and randal merrick
las vegas nv
[email protected]

06/12/2005 15:42
Dora Bennage
Panama City, Florida
[email protected]
We are contemplating moving to this area. We have been traveling up that way since our first trip (honeymoon!)for over 20 years. Employment/real estate info. as well as homeschool groups/sources would be most appreciated.

06/09/2005 14:05
shane thomas
pineville kentucky
[email protected]
i as well as my family are contimplating moving to the area in the near future. whatever information you could send us would be greatly appreciated my home address is as follows 5-a ferndale apts pineville ky 40977

05/25/2005 22:51
Charlotte Burnsmier
[email protected]
I liked the site.

05/14/2005 14:40
sue verren
west mineral ks 66782
[email protected]

05/13/2005 18:54
[email protected]

05/11/2005 09:41
Jerry Gorsuch
Machesney Park, IL

05/04/2005 10:49
Michael Blount
Wow theres a website about blounts. Im from England

04/28/2005 07:49
Paul H Lyndon
[email protected]
Thanks The information very usefull

04/28/2005 07:49
Paul H Lyndon
[email protected]
Thanks The information very usefull

06/22/2005 21:42
Mark and Diane Smethwick
Springfield, OR 97477
[email protected]
We're considering relocating to the area, but are still doint research and praying for God's guidance and timing...

04/26/2005 15:40
Mac Lee
Kilgore, Texas
[email protected]

04/08/2005 00:08
Barbara O'Hara
Lakeland, Florida
[email protected]
I love everything on your web site. We are Floridians that come to Townsend every year and thoroughly love it there. There is no other place like TN in the world. God Bless you all.

04/03/2005 20:40
Marion "Bud" Nolan
2660 Covington Circle , Sevierville Tn 37876/ 429-2044
[email protected]
Just moved here from Florida and wanting to find a Slow Pitch Softball team to play on. Played five years in Florida all over the State in tournaments with a bat ave of .575. Pitch and play the infield / played minor league professional with the Reds System. Having trouble finding the right connection for play. Would appreciate your help.Thank You , Bud Nolan

03/24/2005 00:04
michaela Blount
crewe, cheshire, England
[email protected]

03/23/2005 15:26
[email protected]
Glad to be back home in Blount County! Many years in Central Florida (it's hard on a Vol fan to live around all those 'Gators!). Just fulfilled a dream and opened a new insurance agency on E. Broadway (office is in new Blount United Way building). Blount County has a great business environment, to go along with incredibly nice people and vistas only imagined elsewhere. We are truly blessed....

03/03/2005 10:20
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
Please consider adding a link to www.disastercenter.com - That site is replete with a plethora of information. - Thank you. - Hal

02/18/2005 17:25
Leslie T.
Pasadena, CA
Trying to relocate to TN and found the web site helpful...My husband and I find TN beautiful and a great place to raise our kids. Way better than CA! God bless!!

02/15/2005 15:22
Tim Jenkins
Beverly Hills, Fl.
[email protected]
I have always loved E. Tennessee, and a friend told me about your site. It is very interesting, and makes me wish I were there all the time! Lookrock cam helps me do that! thanks for putting everything together the way you have!

01/10/2005 09:11
Melvin Turner
I was born and raised in Maryville, Tennessee. It helps my homesickness by looking at the Blountweb. I search for new hiking trails and hike a big one like Mount Lecont once a year. Thanks...........

01/09/2005 11:35
Jerry w Crumley Sr
7324 Hwy.95 South,Greenback Tn
[email protected]
My first time on here

01/08/2005 13:02
Top of the World
Due to the attitude in these little messeges at the bottom of these pages, "due to the nature of some of these photographs (high in resolution) we ask that you have patience waiting for them to load... if, on the other hand you are a person who is impatient then you need to leave" -- i feel more offended about that, than anything to do with the quality of pictures. The word "leave" just doesn't leave me feeling at home when i come to this site. I love the smoky mountains, don't get me wrong, but I would hope for more of a subtle appology that you, "could not provide a faster loading time for dial up users, our deepest appologies".
Keep up the good work. I enjoyed your site otherwise =)

01/06/2005 14:56
Chris Green
Thanks for working on such an informative site! Keep up the good work! Keep God first in all you do and just watch what happens! God Bless!

12/29/2004 11:02
Danielle Darring
[email protected]
I'm seriously considering relocating to Tennessee for it's beauty and serenity. Blount County is one of the areas I've narrowed as a place I'd like to raise my children.

11/22/2004 10:31
Marleen McManus
Lancaster, Ohio
[email protected]
Son moved to Maryville in May. Would like to know more about the area.

11/08/2004 22:37
roy mcgill
trotwood ohio
[email protected]
Hi folks, looks like a great web page! Looking for any info on Rockford TN, especially the old churches that have cemetary info. Doing McGill genealogy work!Thanks, and may GOD bless!

10/03/2004 20:00
haley ewing
[email protected]
this is awesome

07/27/104 23:12
Kevin Tacy
Maryville, TN
Great website! My family and I just moved here from Clarksville, TN (I just retired from the Air Force after 20 years, Ft. Campbell, KY was my last duty station) and we love it. We are excited about exploring the county and love the mountains. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

07/21/2004 22:44
A Friend
Steve, love the new site, check out this website to possibly link to https://www.presidentialprayerteam.org/ it doesn't matter if you like Bush or not, if your a Christian you should pray for our president and our troops this is a wonderful sight if you will take the time to look at it. Thanks

07/20/2004 13:14
frank p. treme
[email protected]

07/15/2004 20:12
Daniel Collins
Pinellas Park, FL
[email protected]
We have friends in Maryville. We are thinking of moving around there. We love the area.
Thanks Dan & Cassie Collins 7/15/04

06/25/2004 18:14
To Blount County Web Site
From Julie Scholl
[email protected] net
Hi there, I just love this site. I found it by accident. I recently bought a house in Maryville, TN, off of Timberline drive.(I am from Miami,FL) I want to know all I can about the area. I want to know if 'you' sell any T-Shirts with the logo you have on the first page of your web site. "Blount County Tennessee theBlountWeb". I am also looking for Maryville TN T-Shirts. I have asked around and I can't find any. Only Cracker Barrell sells TN shirts. And I bought them. If any one can help me the shirts, pls respond. I love the 'Look Rock Cam'.
Hope to hear from you.
Thanks from Julie Scholl 6/25/04 [email protected]

06/13/2004 22:24
ilona teffeteller
greenback tenn
[email protected]
I just logged on to your web site, it certainly is informative, I have not read it all, but will. I have a small housecleaning business with above average references and all professonal clients.I am middle age and doing it for 7 years,always looking for clients.I will go back to reading now, lol

04/26/2004 09:19
rosella haun
lenior city
[email protected]
enjoyed your site very much. Especially
the little river lumber pictures. i was
hoping for more on the museum. My grandfather Thomas Newton Walker was injured by falling lumber in loading a
little river lumber boxcar in 1910 in
the month of november which caused his
death and i've been unable to find any
information-so if anyone seeing this has any info or knows where i might look, please email.Thanks.Rose

04/24/2004 12:22
M. J.
L. A. ( lower Alabama) Atmore
Enjoy visiting your web site, I really like the Web Cam, wish you had more. Love the Smokies wish I could move there!!!! Come every year in the Fall, its beautiful.

03/16/2004 14:00
Lauren Blount
[email protected]
Just stumbled across the site which had my last name in the title, and wanted to say hi!

03/01/2004 23:04
Shan Hoiles
LA (Lower Alabama)
[email protected]
My family is coming to visit ya'll in June. We can't wait.

02/24/2004 21:31
Lora and Frank Galluzzi
Chicago, IL
[email protected]
Moving back to Tenn in May, have been in Chicago for 4 years.Looking for info on jobs and Houses for rent.Any help would be great.Cant wait to get back home to the good life.

01/31/2004 18:20
Ron Blount
Ashington, Northumberland,England
[email protected]
Just curious.

01/23/2004 12:18
Betty Hale
American Red Cross Blount Counthy Chapter
[email protected]

11/19/2003 21:49
Clay Wynn
da 'hood
[email protected]
good work on the web site. I like the info organization and new photos of area attractions.

11/19/2003 21:49

11/05/2003 11:40
Kali Gerhardt
Great site, Steve!

10/26/2003 01:28
Noelle Ruehl
Noelle Ruehl
[email protected]
Your site has been very helpful to me. I am moving to Maryville from California in early November. I would like to know if you have a busline in Maryville and specifically if there is a bus or other transportation from Knoxville to Maryville as I will need to get there fro the Greyhound station. Your Christian stand on your site is very admirable. Thank you for providing such a helpful site. Sincerely Noelle

10/22/2003 09:51
Donna Ierulli
[email protected]
Enjoy your website very much as I was born and raised in Maryville. Do you have any great pictures of the mountains that I can downloand. I am going to try and listen to Maryville High and Maryville College Football games this weekend. Thank you for listing the auido site. My brother in law in head coach at Maryville College and it would be great to listen to the games. I also have a friend whose son plays for the redrebels. Thank you again for a great web site.

10/21/2003 12:57
joel finger
wonderful site stevo

10/18/2003 20:24
[email protected]

10/14/2003 18:07
'From'? I don't know what this means.
[email protected]
My wife and I always enjoyed the fall festival. We went for three years but this year will be the exception. Except for Joe Nichols, it's just a bunch of no-talent morons who couldn't entertain an ant in a matchbox. I think it takes a lot of nerve to charge that much to see Alabama. They're a joke to me. I wouldn't go if if it was free. You can't do any better than George Jones and he didn't want that much money. He cares about his fans and quality, not money. I wish everyone could say the same. What? They say it's they're fairwell tour. Yeah. Sure. They'll be back scamming us all for more money in a couple of years and the mighty city of Maryville will probably fall for it. We've already had some great acts here. We've had George "the KING" Jones, Clay Walker, Travis Tritt, Leann Womac and Joe Diffie. Give us some more entertainment like that if you want us to be happy.

Thirty dollars for a weekend wasn't bad at all but hundreds of dollars for one night is ridiculous. We can't and won't pay it. It wouldn't matter if you had someone there worth seeing which you don't, anyway. Alabama is crap in my book and I'm not alone. The only way you could come close to competing with George Jones being here last year would be if you had Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, Leann Rimes, Reba MacIntyre, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Willie Nelson and Randy Travis. We'd pay for that but the amount shouldn't have to be exhorbitant. That's obscene. Do the citizens of Maryville have a voice at all? Are you listening to this? Is it possible that we might occasionally have some concerts which weren't country? I mean, is there any way that we could have Alice Cooper, KISS, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Judas Priest or something in that league? I'm forty years old and I'm not the only one who feels this way. Trust me. I'm not. Let's just be fair here. Get some good and reasonable talent and don't charge a fortune. We'll be there. I promise, we will. With that being said, I'll bid you a good evening. Take care and best wishes, Frank.

10/07/2003 15:31
Tim Jenkins
Beverly Hills Florida
[email protected]
A friend told me about your site, and it is delightful! As a fan of the east Tn. region, and the Maryville area in particular, seeing the webcam shot instantly reconnected me to the area! The site design and layout is refreshing, and easy to navigate, making the discovery of events and information a pleasure. Thank you for the site, and kudos to the designer, too.
Regards, tim Jenkins

09/13/2003 22:12
Louis Kovar
Thibodaux La.
[email protected]
great site just found it
passed thru townsend last summer. loved it !!!
hope to visit this december and stay longer

08/30/2003 03:54
Jere Speer
Hey! I am at school and it is in the morning...pretty bored but i am not supposed to be on the computer right now,but i thought i would sign the guestbook. I am in Tech. class and i thought i would say great site. I do not think you ever check it but i thought i would put in my comment. Well you are probably on the comp. right now working but whatever. Nice site and keep up the good work!!!!!

08/26/2003 19:14
Victor Henderson
great site steve

08/20/2003 15:31
Alma Wade
Tyler, Texas
[email protected]
I forgot to mention it in my earlier message but we stay at a Briarpatch cabin in Townsend every year. Love it!

08/15/2003 16:24
Kimberley Olds
Tampa, FL
[email protected]
Saw your website - interested in relocating to Blount County soon! Looking forward to coming to your area in December!

07/27/2003 11:22
Don Hatcher
Louisville, TN
[email protected]
Like the Look Rock Cam, only wish there were more on the site. IE: Townsend, Gatlinburg, Mt Le Conte? Thanks, Don

07/16/2003 22:57
Alan Kass
Reno, NV
[email protected]
I will be visiting Knoxville the beginning of August for business and look forward to seeing the sites. I like the pictures of the Smokey Mtns on the site.

07/10/2003 18:24
Steve Gillard
114 Hill St. Hopkinsville, Ky.
[email protected]
Your site is great!! Need more info on the Trout fishing.... Thanks!!

06/17/2003 12:49
Elaine Sherrod
near Savannah Ga.
cen2[email protected]
I am a secretary with Century 21 Heidt Realty in Rincon, Ga. which is 30 minutes from Savannah, Ga. We stayed in Townsend last year the first week of December and we really enjoyed ourselves. We even had snow. We plan to go again this year and need info on Cabin rentals.
What is the address for Water's Log Cabin Rentals? Alson any other cabin rentals that you may suggest that allows small pets.
We got a cabin last year with Goode Night Rentals.
Thanks for Your Help!!

05/23/2003 19:53
Rickey Moore
[email protected]
I think that the Blount Web has all the info a long timer or new commer to Blount County should need to enjoy the benefits of living in this beautiful county.

05/22/2003 08:36
[email protected]

05/12/2003 18:17
Marty McCool
[email protected]
I talked to someone today about joining the web. Please contact me again @ 380-8900. Thanks

04/26/2003 08:54
Shannon Foster
Wooster, OH
[email protected]
Wish more of your advertisers had e addresses. Would like to make more reservations on line. 13 of us Buckeyes (just other nuts) are coming down next week for the music festival and will be staying the week. Any other great things going on that week. We intend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Deadbeat Pete's. Thanks for a great place to come and really relax in a low key environment. Also, we come down every Christmas break. We stay at Atchley's or Pioneer Cabins. Thanks again. Shannon

04/01/2003 10:28
[email protected]
hey this web sites ok

03/18/2003 19:57
ken burge
[email protected]
Great to see A-1 chimney on here

02/17/2003 13:36
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Verbeke
Lansing Michigan
[email protected],com
Would love to move to Tenn. We are looking for a place to work and live that has a more warmer climate. Would like to know how to find out your job opportunities in Department of Public Works or realited areas. Thanks

02/05/2003 08:41
WBHS Class of 83
[email protected]
We are trying to plan our 20 year reunion for Summer 2003...please pass the word along & send your current mailing address to [email protected] Look forward to seeing all our classmates there!

02/02/2003 21:11
Shannon Foster
Wooster, OH
[email protected]
When is the Old Timers Festival this spring? We came down last year and it was on May 4th. Your calendar of music events is not updated. Help..

01/19/2003 10:44
Lora Galluzzi
Chicago, IL
[email protected]
I was born and raised In Blount County.Now living in CHicago, for the past 3 years.Theres no place like home.Miss it something awful.

12/27/2002 11:14
Suzan Bird-Conliff
Columbus, Ohio
[email protected]
My father's family came from Blount County in the Maryville area.

12/06/2002 10:40
[email protected]

11/03/2002 18:48
Linda Rodrigues
[email protected]
This is a wonderful site full of great information. blount County is new to me so I appreciate all that this site offers. Thanks!

10/21/2002 15:23
David L. Smith
Tallassee, TN (between Townsend & Maryville)
[email protected]
Just moved to the Blount County area... looking for employment. You can see my resume at http://profiles.yahoo.com/nashtnusa

10/20/2002 10:46
Sharon Randolph
Naples, Fl
[email protected]
Can you recommend a place near Townsend that offers a nice Christmas dinner or buffet? Thanks

10/04/2002 05:40
J.A. Sallee
Junction City, KY
Unsure if your site goes back this far, but my great-great grandfather Bartley R. Jones was from Blount County, and served as a Sargeant of Cavalry for the Union Army during the Civil War. Anyone who might have any information on him please contact me at the following: P.O. Box 686 Junction City, KY 40440. I would appreciate any help that I could receive on learning more about him, and would pay for postage on any information that could be sent.

09/30/2002 14:04
Debbie Whitaker
Greencastle,IN-- Walland TN
Thanks for the location for the web cam. I really like the new look for your wonderful site.

09/24/2002 13:54
Debbie Whitaker
Greencastle,IN-- Walland TN
[email protected]
What happened to the Look Rock Cam? I miss it. Will it be back soon? Sure hope so!

09/18/2002 18:38
Arletta Voan
Shepherd, Texas
[email protected]
Just checkin' ya out.Never been there and thinkin about it.

09/18/2002 18:52
Brandon Cook
[email protected]
Blount County is very important to me.

09/13/2002 09:28
YOSEMITE National PArk, California
[email protected]
Girlfriend and I will be moving to Blount County, TN effective: about 10-20-02. Currently living/working in Yosemite National Park. Need housing (rentals only) and employment. You can see my resume& profile at: http://profiles.yahoo.com/nashtnusa

08/30/102 12:32
cool web site...but needs more info about malls, movies, and things for teenagers.

08/16/2002 14:57
Mooseville, Indiana
this is cool

08/15/102 13:55
Lana J. Boyd
Lousiville, Tn
[email protected]
Very nice place to live as for as raising children, and being something other than a minority, but I wish I'd gone to see the other parts of the U.S. before deciding to stay here all my life, I sincerely believe that the ones of us who chose to live here forever, became complacent and a little narrow minded, we have little or
no experience with diversity! As for as jobs and the economy,
we are the worst I've ever seen. Nepotism runs rampant in our
county, it is who you know or who you are that gets you hired on really decent paying jobs! Minorities certainly aren't high on the list. Yes, Blount County might be a wonderful place for those of you who were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but if you weren't, here, you are a nobody!

08/13/2002 22:08
Pam Scanlon
[email protected]
Sounds like a lovely place. I would love to come visit sometime.

08/13/2002 14:50
shannon wilson
maryville tennessee
[email protected]
I LOVE BLOUNT COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have lived here all my life and i just wnated to say that i love it that you blount county

08/13/2002 11:12
Maryville, Tn.
[email protected]
Great site- keep 'em workin!!

08/11/2002 12:51
Marion Walker (McGhee)
[email protected]
I think this site is great. If there are any relatives of Sherman Jackson Huffstetler And wife Sarah Matilda McGhee Huffstetler reading this, please contact me. They were my great grandparents. Thank you!

06/28/2002 09:54
Tami Holley
Milton, Florida
[email protected]

07/24/2002 20:18
Sherry Neal
Walland, TN
[email protected]

07/22/2002 09:43
Betty Walker Wherrell
Orlando, FL.
[email protected]
Web site is great! Look forward to checking in often.

07/09/2002 15:54
Debbie Hodge
Maryville, Tn.
Very informative and well laid out. Enjoyed browsing.

06/26/2002 09:22
Sharon Randolph
Naples, Florida
[email protected]
Thank you for this wonderful site. My husband and I visit the Townsend area 2-3 times a year. But I get Tennessee withdrawl very easily when we're back in hot, flat, ugly Florida. Your site helps get me through till the next trip. We'll be there again in September. Where could I rent bicycles? Thanks. Sharon

06/22/2002 12:21
Stanley Tucker
[email protected]

06/15/2002 22:44
Kayla Boruff
[email protected]

06/12/2002 16:24
Jim Robbins
Walland, Tn.
[email protected]
Steve - just started looking. Thanks for your help today.

05/31/2002 10:46
Sue Potter
[email protected]
I've just discovered this site. Though I've not seen everything yet, I am sooooooo impressed. Thanks

05/28/2002 12:45
Steve Speer
[email protected]
Will look into the pics and find what you are asking for... give me a little time as there may be other photos I took but did not publish. No charge please.

05/28/2002 12:13
Gary Gregory
Maryville, Tn.
[email protected]
Hello Steve,
I realy enjoy seeing the Music Makers of Rocky Branch ! I'm the banjo picker with the John Deere hat. You can see a little of me in one of your photos. There is also a pic of one of my pickin buddys who just passed away.
It's in album #2, pic # 23. He is the tall grey head with guitar standing next to a lady in red. I was wondering if there's any chance of getting a copy of that photo ? My printer will not copy from the website very well.
This would mean so much to me if I could get a copy as he was my best friend. I would be more than happy to pay the cost.

Please let me know if you can do this.

05/19/2002 11:20
Michael Niederer
Six Mile
[email protected]
Steve, this new directory design is the very clearest ever! Congratulations! I can't believe all the beautiful material you have collected, and now it's presented so I can find it all! Thank you for all your good work.

05/04/102 19:56
Paul H. Lyndon
Louisville Tn
[email protected]
It is good to be able to get the info on events Paul

04/17/2002 23:04
Derrick Harmon
[email protected]
I LOVE Blount County!

04/14/2002 17:37
Glenetta Kabilio
Dallas, Tx
[email protected]

04/13/102 00:25
James Sloan
Sloan Radio Inc
[email protected]

04/10/2002 20:38
Jeane Rearick
Whittier, North Carolina
[email protected]
I think your site is fabulous, just as Townsend is fabulous. It is one of our favorite spots in the Smokies, especially Smokin Joes. Townsend and all of Blount County are truly the remarkable side of the Smokies.

04/09/2002 14:33
Fay Whitehead
Blount County
[email protected]
Loved it.

03/20/2002 12:07
Don Hatcher
Louisville, TN
[email protected]
Just saw the new page.Very nice.Keep up the good work! Proud of you!

03/07/2002 21:46
Ed Chastain
[email protected]
Fantastic web site!

02/28/2002 21:02
[email protected]
Hey everybody who helped on this did a great job. the pictures are great and yall deserve so much. this is a great web sight. i loved it. thank you and keep up the good work. and be sure to update it.

02/28/2002 20:23
Kim Ferree
[email protected]
I think the web is very well organized and informational. I like the pics that go along with it. Just continue to update when needed..

02/27/2002 13:33
Michael Niederer
Six Mile
[email protected]
This is another test of the Guestbook Entry Monitor System. This is ONLY a test. This entry will be read, edited, and finally deleted remotely by qualified personnel. If this had been a REAL monitoring system, it would have required approval BEFORE it was seen by the public, and that is always an option. Of course, if this was a real test you would be instructed to a testing center near you for further instructions.
Cool beans! The chance to delete, edit, and respond without being a computer-guru makes it easy to imagine having a guestbook of your own.

02/15/2002 19:03
Donna Blount (Surles)
Roggen, Co.
[email protected]
I found this very interesting. My maiden name is Blount,
and my brother was named Willam Blount.

02/09/2002 22:27
Bill and Sheila Hinson (Ash 11, Liz 9, &Cooper 7 )
Albemarle, NC
[email protected]
Our family will be moving to Blount County in June.... We are very excited about our upcoming move. My husband nor I have jobs in the area at this point...we were both born in NC and have lived here all our lives and are ready to spread our wings so to speak. After alot of research we have found Blount County will be a great place to make our new home and raise our children. My husband has a college degree in social studies and is currently working to get his Tn teaching certification. He also has a law enforcement background. Any contacts anyone could help us with in reference to new employment would be truely appreciated. I have been a homemaker for the past 5 yrs but am also looking to get back into the work force. My experience is in customer service and preschool teaching. Again, we love the area already and can't wait to truely make it OUR home. Thanks for a great web sight!

02/06/102 14:37
George and Virginia Carroll
Walterboro, SC 29488
[email protected]
We own a cabin in Townsend called "Maggie's Cabin". Even
though we only get to the mountains 3-4 times a year we feel
right at home when we're there. During the times when we
can't be there we'll visit the website and it's almost like
being there. Keep up the good work. Only thing wrong that
I can see is that the 2002 Schedule of Events needs to be
put on the site. We look for this all the time so that we
can schedule when we're "coming home". Thanks again!

01/20/102 21:43
robert blount
nyc but now in florida
[email protected]

01/19/2002 20:47
Al G. McReynolds
Al G. McReynolds
[email protected]
Great Grand Father John Alexander McReynolds was born in Blount Co. in 1827. Just looking for information.

01/03/2002 19:11
John Bradley
[email protected]
I was looking for a map of the Greenway...thanks!

12/26/2001 15:08
Stephen Blount
Hernando, MS
[email protected]
I am a Blount and don't have a lot of Blount family around here and was just curious. Surely if we have the same name we have to be related some kind of way. This is very interesting. I am just looking to find out more about my family tree and where it is I came from (historically speaking).

12/16/2001 11:06
William Blount
[email protected]
i love the site keeps me informed on whats goin on! WB rulz!

12/13/2001 15:23
Walland, Tennessee
[email protected]
Steve, Great job putting together this great new look...the buttons all work great too. I especially like the story about the Alleghany Hotel...what an interesting part of our history. Keep up the good work. I just wated to let you know that you are appreciated.

01/04/97 11:19
jim baker
[email protected]
Just say hi

11/19/2001 15:32
[email protected]
East Tennessee is the favorite place our family visits. Great web-site.

11/09/2001 08:59
Michael Speer
Dad your website is the best

11/01/2001 16:30
Steve Speer
[email protected]
Alisa, Thanks for your comment. You are absolutly right, pictures on this site do not do justice to the area. If you have any that would, please send them and I would be more than happy to publish them and give you credit. It is a hard thing to publish high resolution photographs on the internet but we do try to do the best we can. We look forward to your contributions.

11/01/2001 15:52
Alisa Mason
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
[email protected]
Pictures on your site do not do the area justice.

10/30/2001 07:06
C Edwards
Blount County
Loved the Sam Houston quote!
Also, the "and God said" - How true.
Tennessee is definitely God's Country.
Your website is GREAT!

10/25/2001 19:39
Ken Queen
Columbus, GA
[email protected]
I am trying to locate Greg Price. Is he still associated with this church? If you can, please pass this message to him with my Email address.

Thank you!

10/06/2001 11:37
Terry Cecil
Knoxville, Tenneessee
[email protected]
I miss those Mountains terribly

10/01/2001 15:14
Frank Hogsed
Mountain Life Insurance Company
[email protected]
I enjoyed getting to know you during our phone converstation this morning. It looks like you've dedicated a lot of time and energy to the BlountWeb.
Frank Hogsed

09/26/2001 12:09
Ken Brown
[email protected]
Dear Steve, what a surprise to get your email that Morag Rae, a girl I met when I was working with the Baptist Mission in Zimbabwe back in 1985, was looking for me. I am trying to get hold of her now. Thanks for helping me, and for providing such a service for us here in Blount County. I teach government/economics at Alcoa High School, and I assign a local issue paper each term. Several students have used your web site for their research. It is helpful to have such information at hand.

09/10/2001 23:30
Karen Ogle
Ogles Tree Service
[email protected]
This is a great site. We have lived in Blount Co all our lives and are ao greatful for all the new residents we are gaining in our beautiful co. hope to see more growth in future. Keep up the great work. With Gods help we can Do Anything.

08/21/2001 15:44
east of Knoxville, hey , you guys are from blount county: MASCOT
[email protected]
WHAT A REFRESHING GREETING. WAS IT WILL ROGER WHO SAID, THE NINETY PERCENT OF THE POLICTICIANS THAT MAKE THE OTHER TEN LOOK BAD just joking. But, your politically correct greeting was a bright spot of the day!

08/15/2001 01:02
Deborah Moy
[email protected]
A friend of John Michael Douglas, dropping in to say hello and to enjoy and admire the work you've put into this creation.

08/09/2001 19:46
Michael, Donna, Janeen and Jonathan Cooper
Orlando Florida
[email protected] or [email protected]
We expect to be living amongst you, the friendliest people in the country, sometime next June. Thank you to all of you that we met in restaraunts and grocery stores this past June.

07/27/2001 12:37
Bonnell H. Cooper
Madisonville, TN
[email protected]
Thoroughly enjoying the web. I was born in West Miller Cove, Walland, graduated WHS class of 58, moved to Madisonville in 1961, operated a florist, and now working in Dept. of Finance, Monroe County.

07/25/2001 00:10
Robert J. Blount Jr.
Springfield, Illinois
[email protected]
Ran across the site doing the obvious Blount search. I think I found where I'm going on vacation this year!

07/24/2001 15:50
Leigh Skinner
I first saw the website after looking for a webdesigner. Mr. Speer was recommended to me from my accountant. After going through His site at the blount web, I knew he was the one to help me. Blount County is one of the most beautiful counties in Tennessee, but what I am most impressed with is the witnessing and the uplifting of Christ in this site. If only more Christians would be so bold. God bless you Steve and Thank you for sharing the greatest love story of all with us...

07/19/2001 14:31
Ann @ David Gregory
Louisville Tn, originally Cranford and SeaGirt, New Jersey
[email protected]
We are happy to have settled in Blount County. It has given us what we want and we are so grateful. The people are very nice too. It is nice to be growing within such a beautiful setting too!!

07/07/2001 21:21
wanda brewer thomas
[email protected]
will be visiting Blount County for Genealogy Research next week. My Grandparents were Andrew Jackson Brewer & Laura Baker Brewer. Great Grandparents were James C. Brewer & Sara Jane Smith. I wonder if anyone else is researching the same family. Like to hear from you if so. May e-mail me at this e-mail [email protected]
Wanda Brewer Thomas

06/07/2001 21:44
Jo Ann Blount
[email protected]
I was looking for anything about my family history. My Grandfather's name was William Hampton Blount and he lived in Sunbury Ga. where my Father was born. I didn't know about the Blount Mansion until about 10 years ago and I accidently ran into it on a trip. I get reunion invitations from there. Just thought that I would check in.

05/28/101 18:35
Sarah G. Salisbury
Huntsville Al
[email protected]
I love one of your beds that my step mom it going to order it this week! Thanks
Sarah Salisbury

05/22/2001 13:07
Christa Lynne Blount
West Chester (or Oxford or Fairfield), OH
[email protected]
It's nice to see that my dad (Scott Douglas Blount) and I are just alike. Searching our geneology online. I am interested in anything Blount related. Check out my site: http://www.users.muohio.edu/blountcl Thanks!

05/10/2001 16:36
Jim Yoakum
Blount County
[email protected]

04/28/2001 02:00
Scott Douglas Blount
Hamilton (Liberty Township) Butler County, Ohio 45011
[email protected]
I was just "surfing the net for my last name. Saw your ad & thought that I would just drop in to say hi.....Am interested to see if how & how far back that I may be related to William Blount that signed The Constitution.
Thanks anyway - Scott

03/24/2001 08:00
Melvin Turner
Dallas, Texas
[email protected]
I am from Maryville Tennessee. I work in Texas at Alcatel.
I like the Blountweb because I can check on the weather at
my Mother's House and see Pictures from Look Rock. This
also helps me with Home Sickness....

02/28/2001 14:59
Sharmila (Chris)
[email protected]
15/177 Prem Kutir, Sion (East), Mumbai-400022 India. Pl. mail details about free correspondence bible course

02/05/2001 21:30
[email protected]
Checking in

02/06/2001 00:43
hugh edward willy blount
SA34 ORR wales u.k.

02/04/2001 20:44
John Blount
[email protected]
Typed in my surname & found you're web site. Amazing - I didn't know that there were a lot of Blount's about, never mind two counties in America.

01/31/2001 09:18
Debbie Miser
Friendsville, Tn
[email protected]
Enjoy the site.

01/21/101 15:18
Mary Evelyn GLENN Young
Yuba City, California
[email protected]
On a little nostalgia trip today. I attended Kit Carson School in the mid 1930s, lived near Ballard Baptist Church.

01/03/2001 19:05
Stephanie Subia
[email protected]
I'm trying to find out some things on Sam Houston for a class project.We watched the movie Texas,and now we are going back in time and are having a debate as Maribeau Lamar and Sam Houston.I really love your website and I learned alot. Steph

12/01/2000 12:07
[email protected]
I'm retiring from the USAF next year and moving back to Tennessee.....your photos show the beauty of our home and make me homesick to be there now....

11/18/2000 21:54
Duane T. Payne
Maryville, TN.
DPayne [email protected]
I was just checking out your site after seeing some advertisement. I live beneath the Look Rock Tower Camera.

11/13/2000 15:00
Bruce Munsey
Grand Rapids, Michigan. but have frequented the Crossville area.
[email protected]
I know that the citizens of Maryville are concerved about population growth in the area, but please don't lock the gate till after I get there. I have pounding away at my computer making plans and arrangements for a smooth transition to the area. This site has been a big help as well as a lot of fun. I want to use it as a link in my web page. Thanks Steve, I hope to meet you some day.

11/07/2000 13:43
Bob Goin
1752 Niles Ferry rd., Maryville, Tn 37803
idsef @ aol.com
Ain't it grand just bee'in right here in beautiful Blount! Thank you Steve Speer and others who make this really great site possible.

10/31/2000 17:33
Todd Rossbach
[email protected]
Hi Steve, keep up the good work. AND STAY IN TOUCH.

10/22/2000 17:25
Dana Lynn Bible
Blount County-Friendsville
[email protected]
I'am just learning to use a computer and I love this web site. 2nd grader at Friendsville and I'am 7 1/2 years old

10/18/2000 17:46
[email protected]

10/13/2000 17:28
Kevin R Blount
Isle of Man
[email protected]
just started visiting.
would like to find out about my family name

10/11/100 07:24

10/05/2000 11:15
[email protected]
I am looking for information on the Dealers Resort/Gift Show that is held there I believe in October/November each year. Can you assist. Thank you

10/01/2000 16:51
suzanne kear
nashville, n.c.
[email protected]
enjoyed the site. we are from tn and have property in blount county, as well as grand children in blount county schools. now that we know about your site we feel a little closer to home

09/26/100 12:43
Ben Hannah
316 Highland Dr. Madison Indiana
[email protected]
A great way to stay informed on happenings in Blount County.

09/25/2000 02:06

09/23/2000 09:51
[email protected]
VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE WEB. Met Steve Spear in the lot at BI-Lo a short time ago. He suggested e-mail. Hope this is the way he meant.

I belong to the Sultana Association of Descendants and Friends. Ref. monument at MtOlive cemetary. We have started a movement through Senator Thompsons office to establish a memorial stamp about the sinking of that ship in 1865 killing nearly 1800 Union soldiers. Would there be a place on the site to publicize the endevor? Many of the those on the boat were members of the Third Tennessee Cavalry (a Blount County unit). Will be happy to furnish necessary details and source of some graphics.

Thanks and well done,
Virgil Davis

09/22/2000 08:53
Don&Joan Schoenhofer
Blount County TN.
[email protected]
Love the photos!

09/15/2000 12:49
Mark and Sonja
Blount County
[email protected]
We have found this website to be very beneficial for our whole family.

09/13/2000 16:26
[email protected]
Hey! Great site! I was looking at the school site's and some of them didn't work. Are the school's not into it this year?? well please let me know anyone!!!


09/01/2000 19:37
Shug and Micky
Shug and Micky
[email protected]
The Fire Tech page rocks! I'm so interested in anything that is kind of related to Fire fighters. I hope to someday meet Matt Tucker, he is one of our heros. Thank you for your great service. Umm...yeah thats all. Bye Your page is great Matt.

08/13/2000 16:49
Charlotte Burnsmier
Maryville ,Tn.
[email protected]
nice site

08/09/2000 11:09
Chris Myers
Detroit, Michigan
[email protected]
My family is from Maryville, Tn I was born up here, now they all moved back home and I am stuck up here by myself. I am currently trying to find a job in Blount county so I can move down.

08/07/100 20:35
William Semmes
Access Express Transportation Service
[email protected]
I have been using your web site for the past year.
It is a very useful resource for my business. I am very interested in creating a web page on your site.
Thanks very much
William Semmes

07/24/2000 08:52
Wanda Lunsford
[email protected]
I've enjoyed surfing the BlountWeb. Very Impressive.

07/23/2000 14:21
brittni julian
Maryville, Tn
[email protected]

07/23/2000 08:48
Doug Wegman
Knoxville, TN (Karns area)
[email protected]

07/22/2000 17:32
[email protected]
i think your pool is awesome and that it looks very fun!! exspecialy the water slide!!!!And that i swim on knoxville Racquet Club, and thanks for letting us use your pool for smokey mountain meet!!

07/01/100 12:55
Darlene A. Kemp
Integrity Tutoring - Maryville TN
[email protected]
Hello - You may recall that we met a couple months ago. I was the Census person who came to your door. I also have the business, Integrity Tutoring. I would like to speak with you about advertising on your website. Please give me a call at 977-7863 or 981-5387. Darlene Kemp

06/26/2000 11:40
Mary Margaret Thomson-Kelley
Tallassee TN
[email protected]

06/23/2000 19:31
Chuck and Laury Hembree
[email protected]
we love your website! We just moved here from Knoxville, and I already love it here in Blount County!

06/21/2000 09:13
M. Millsaps
Townsend, TN

06/20/2000 11:17
Chuck Denyer
CDE Electrical Contracting
[email protected]
I like your site very much! You have done a great job.

06/11/2000 12:27
Al Cardenas
Miami, Florida
[email protected]
looks good so far.

05/24/2000 01:23
Ricky and Alissa Deel
Winterport, Me
[email protected]
We are planning on relocating to the area in the Spring of 01. We were just scanning the web for information about Maryville. My husband likes bluegrass music.

05/11/2000 15:28
Kelly Wright
North Carolina
[email protected]
Great Site!
Keep up the good work.....site is helpful to someone planning to travel to your county....

05/10/2000 13:40
Charles W. Graham
[email protected]
I enjoyed the scrap book in Hal mart cards especially when I saw my great grand daughter in it, Payton. charlie...

05/02/2000 15:36
warren b. wright
cullman alabama
[email protected]
Love the Look Rock cam, great site

04/30/2000 20:10
Shiley Lamb
[email protected]

04/28/2000 23:31
mary powell
[email protected]
great job

04/26/2000 07:40
Tallassee, TN
I wonder if the Blount County Historical Society has a website that you could use on the Blountweb as a link? I have read through the book that the Society has put out, and it has information about all of the Courthouses that were built and burned down here in Blount County.
See http://www.korrnet.org/bcghs/ for the Society page. Unfortunately, all they offer online is their book list, but that may be a help to some. Enjoy!

02/29/2000 10:19
[email protected]
I found out about the site from Homer Whitehead.I pull it up about every day to check the Times local news.I grew up in Blount county,and like to keep up on everything.I an a grad of Everett High class of 1950,so keep up the good work...

02/19/2000 13:42
Cameron Lale
[email protected]
Hey I like what you have done with the place it looks great. I would like to start my own web page. How is it done?

02/18/2000 09:14

02/14/2000 21:19
Derryl and Billie Payne
South Blount County
[email protected]
The BlountWeb is very nice. Pround to send it to my out of atate friends and family.

02/12/2000 17:41
Caryn Hansen
Maryville, TN........Color Select Painting
[email protected]
I love this website and would love to be added to your business directory! Would appreciate information on how to go about doing just that. Thank you. Caryn.
Thank you, Caryn! I am forwarding your note to Steve Speer at [email protected]. I will look forward to seeing your website from theBlountWeb, too.

02/11/2000 06:42
steve speer
[email protected]
... there are so many trials in this life we face... there are times when i feel that i cannot face another web page today and when i am burdened Jesus brings me to this page... and because of the love that is shared here in this guestbook my strength is renewed... i so much appreciate your comments about theblountweb... thank you all.

02/11/2000 06:42
Larry & Rosie Bridges
Corryton, Tn
[email protected]
Love to look at the mountains when we can't get there to hike - Really enjoy the religious notes & sayin's - Also Ben's story - Keep up the good work - We're spreading the web site here

02/11/2000 06:42
Edward C. Kuhl, Jr.
Bel Air, MD
[email protected]
I have a great friend in the Great Smokey Mountains. He is LLoyd Shue and he lives in Walland. I love the link to Look Rock and the opinions in the Daily Times.

02/01/2000 20:32
Curtis K.
[email protected]
Nice Website

01/31/2000 18:42
Sherry Godsey-Goodman
[email protected]
My son is doing a project on the history of the Courthouse. Looked at your website hoping to find some historical information that he could use. If you have anything other than photos that could be used, please e-mail us back by Wednesday. His name is Joshua Goodman and is in the 7th grade at Mary Blount. Thank you.
We wish we did! I can only hope that other viewers will write with information about links and library materials. We would love to make more information available online about this and other local sites, but we have to rely on the public, sometimes, to be our research staff.
The point of theBlountWeb is sharing, so that anyone's effort makes everyone's life better. Send us anything about Blount County, and we will find a way to share it with our whole community.

01/30/2000 00:48
Rob DeGregorio
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
I live In Blount County, and I think the best places to go if you are visiting here are: the Smoky Mountians, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Townsend, and the Old City in Knoxville. There are alot of cool things to do here if you just look for them. Have Fun!!!!

01/28/2000 07:20
Sandra Marshall
Knoxville, TN
[email protected]
Love the Lookrock cam and being able to see the Smoky Mtns. Great info. for the area. I am sending this website to friends, out of state, so they can view the Smokies without having to travel.

01/27/2000 14:24
Staci Parkins
Friendsville. Tn.
Enjoy reading Blount County news.

01/21/2000 17:24
Wales Carter
Abilene, TX
I like this site very much

01/19/100 15:51
[email protected]
why should we relocate to your area?

Who is suggesting that you should? Most residents like it here, but you might miss your maple trees... This is mostly oak-hickory forest down here. Of course we also have TONS of dogwoods, and that makes a spectacular springtime! Come visit, sometime... I think you would like it. Respectfully, Michael.

01/18/2000 18:17
kyle b

01/17/2000 15:41
michael speer
Hello dad
Nice website

01/17/2000 13:11
[email protected]
I like Timothy McConnell's web suite because I can see my granddaughter when I want to.

01/15/2000 01:57
[email protected]

01/13/2000 21:13
Mike Wells
[email protected]

01/13/2000 12:42
Lisa Huskey
Maryville Tenneseee
[email protected]
Glad to see Beautiful Bount represented. If I can help promote the site, let me know!
Thank you, Lisa, that is the sort of enthusiasm we need! The best promotion is to tell your friends what is online here; we try to look good to the search engines, and the businesses get a special separate effort. What we need most is people telling us what is happening in our community, and inviting others to come look.
Thanks again, Michael.

01/11/2000 13:19
Ted Williams
Greenback, Tn
[email protected]
Wow!! I have lived here all my life and I still find new places to see. Fly fishing is my hobby. I want to see more on the trout reports and local fishing spots.

01/11/2000 10:22
[email protected]
enjoy your web site and check it frequently. i think this is an excellent way to help keep the communities connected. i have two children and check the parks/recs. section and have not seen it updated in a while. also, i agree w/a previous visitor that a bulletin board would be of interest to many. thank you for your site and i love the pictures!

01/05/2000 22:20
Tom Brotherton
[email protected]
Welcome to Maryville and Blount County. Now please......


12/03/99 10:55

11/28/99 01:49
Susie Webb
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
I have lived here all my life and there's not a better
place in the world in which to live.

11/15/99 20:16
patti &bobby woodby
orlando fla
robertpattyb @aol.com
we have family in tenn. and love visiting. this is like a mini vacation. thank you.

11/09/99 21:44
Jerry w Crumley Sr
[email protected]
I like your web page very much.

11/09/99 18:00
John A. Todd
Dundee, Ohio
[email protected]
We love the area. Not like the hustle and bustle of Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge.

11/05/99 16:06
[email protected]

10/24/99 00:11
Kay McCulley
[email protected]
Thanks for continuing to have Hubbard Elementary's web page on Blount Web. We will be updating it soon. The main thing I appreciate about your site is how regularly you update it. Thanks for all your time and effort.

10/18/99 13:12
Bryan, Waid

10/17/99 13:03
Debi Baum
[email protected]
What about a bulletin board site where people can leave messages? For instance, I met a guy one night & only got his first name & where he works. If I could post a note maybe somebody would know him. Thanks

10/09/99 19:20
[email protected]
I am an 8th grader at fairview elementry school. i really like the BLountWeb it is really cool! Today is the first time i have been on the blountweb since last year. my friends dad was showing it to me today. He was updatiing something on it, and he showed me the look rock cam. The look Rock cam is the best part of the Blount Web it is really neat the way we can see our beautiful home. So what i am trying to say is thanks for giving us the privilege to learn about and see the scenic sites in blount county.

09/29/99 16:52
Laurie McDaniel
Oakland, CA
[email protected]
I grew up in Maryville and visit the area and my family frequently because, well, you know. Southern roots grow deep! I love being able to log onto the web and see pictures of places that are near and dear to my heart. But what happened to the Millenium House? And the Maryville Schools web sites could use a little work. I'm curious to know who's still teaching! But those are just two tiny little issues. Overall, I think the Blountweb is great. Thanks!

09/12/99 19:07

08/31/99 10:54
Pat and Jill Simonic
We were born and raised in Blount County, but my husband's job took us to Virgina. We miss home very much and try to visit as often as we can, but it's never enough. Thank you for giving me a place to go when I need to be home and can't get there!

08/30/99 19:45
Joann E. (Swicegood) Wynn
Prescott Valley, AZ
[email protected]
I was born and raised in maryville and Alcoa.
nice to see how things have changed.

08/14/99 12:54
I just got my net going and wanted to check out your site since I had heard so much about it. I finally found how to navigate some and yours is the first I tried besides our Lodges site.
Thanks for allowing me to try your site. It is real nice.

08/06/99 10:24
Jerry w Crumley Sr
[email protected]

08/04/99 17:40
Mike Burton
[email protected]
Its great to know that we have information like this about our local area and schools at our finger tips.Thanks Mike

08/02/99 14:21
Larry Scuderi
Dix Hills,New York
[email protected]
Love your website.Keep up the good work!
P.S.Wife and I own property in Rarity Bay on Lake Tellico.Can't wait to build.We "love" Tennessee!

07/30/99 16:10
Ken Barnes
[email protected]
I am a member of the Blount Home Education Association. We are interested in having a home page on the Blount Web with information about home education. I sent a similar message to you about a year ago, but never got a response. I am sending this from the Blount County Schools computer lab, so please respond to my e-mail address at [email protected] Thanks!

07/28/99 16:36
Linda Hitch
Blount co.

07/28/99 10:03
[email protected]
I really enjoy this site and all that it has to offer. I think that you have done a wonderful job with it.

07/28/99 13:16
John Blount
Verwood, England
[email protected]
I'm interested in tracing the family tree and came across the site on the web. Does anyone out there have connections with the Blount's of Sodington in Worcestershire, England?
Maybe some readers have more to offer, but we did trade links with a site in Texas www.blount.com, and they have geneological links. I found them by clicking on Search in the navigation bar above, and typing 'geneology'. Good luck!

04/24/92 15:24
kimberly a. mansfield ( saunders)
bremen georgia
love your web!!! keep up the good job steve :o) ps: the cam for look mnt. was not working when i looked at it..just letting you know.

07/24/99 10:02
F. D. Gibson III
Loudon, Tn.
[email protected]
Would be interested in real estate listings on this site

07/23/99 22:31
William C. Taylor
Maryville, Tn.
[email protected]
This is my first time on, I like what I see so far.
Will return tomorrow.

07/20/99 20:56
Ken and Jean Smith
San Juan Capistrano CA
[email protected]
Just wanted to say thanks for the
web page.
It is very interesting. We love to
visit Blount County TN; it is the
most beautiful place in the
country. I was born in Knoxville and Jean was born in Maryville; we graduated from
Walland High School. We love to read all about Blount county.
Keep up the good work!
Ken and Jean

07/20/99 18:59
kimberly jennings
[email protected]

07/19/99 20:21
Jeff & Laura Holladay
West Lafayette, In
[email protected]

07/18/99 11:17
Barry & Kristi Hartman
Glen Burnie, Md
[email protected]
We were looking for the Crest Lanes web page. Don Patterson (Maryville, Tenn) recommended that we visit the site. The Blount county webpage is very nicely done.

07/17/99 21:48
wanda altmann
lonedell, missouri 63060
[email protected]
i am looking for info on the trail of tears. my great-grandmother made the journey with her family. if anyone has a website i would greatly appreciate it. loved your website also.

07/16/99 09:36

07/14/99 22:31
Rebecca Preston
Louisville, TN
[email protected]
Thanks for all your hard work on our Smoky Mountain Invitational Swim Meet site! It looks great! Larry Little called me tonight and told me you had all the SMI stuff up and running. He sounded very excited and very pleased. I can see why - you've done a great job. Thanks again. I'll be e-mailing the latest results to you each day at the end of the meet. Saturday should end around 4 PM so I should have results to you by 5 or 6 PM (I have to bring the results home to e-mail them to you). Sunday should end around 7 PM and since that is clean up night, my results to you will be even later - probably 9 or 10 PM.

Keep up the great work! Rebecca

07/08/99 11:43
Lisa Karen Hartman
Lafayette, IN
[email protected]
We're renting a house outside Townsend. Any information about the area that you can email or snail mail to me?
Any web sites to further acquaint us with the area? Thank you.
Snail mail address:
2026 Schuyler Avenue
Lafayette, IN 47904

07/01/99 15:13
James R Harmon
Rockford Tn.
[email protected]
Very good site keep it up.

06/25/99 16:42
Vikki A. Webb
[email protected]
I love the BlountWeb

06/24/99 20:14
tallassee, TN
Hello, love this website. My family and I live in the Top
of the World Community on the flats of Chilhowee Mountain.
We hike to the Look Rock Tower all the time. We didn't know
there was a camera at the tower. Keep up the good work.Thanks.

06/22/99 00:09
Mavis Brewer Foster
Sacramento, Ca
[email protected]
Love your Blount Web ! as my family are from Blount County I will spend alot of time reading your web. Would love to hear from any Helton's or Lowe's

06/11/99 10:31
Donna Smith
Cumberland Co Tn
[email protected]
I am very impressed, didn't know you exsisted, but couldnt find Murray! I am not finished but will recommend your site to the forneigners that make fun of us Tennesseans!!!! Donna, and yes it was fun and interesting Murray.

06/09/99 12:38
[email protected]
What a wonderful site. I have been surching the internet for information on living in the smoky mountain area. Your site is one of my favorite. Anyone with information or a viewpoint on living in the smokey mountains, please email me. I would like all the information i can get before I make the move. Thanks!!!

05/30/99 23:57
Michelle Feldman
Tampa FL, Farmington MI and now Maryville TN
[email protected]
Wonderful article and pictures of Millenium Manor, I am so glad to see it being advertised for others to see and appreciate.

05/30/99 13:18
Raymond Charles Brown
I am a native Blount countian; who has seen much of the continental U.S.
I am sincerly moved and proud of this site. I still believe there are places where a community exists peacably and with admiration of the natural beauty the almighty God provides. This site expresses so well the essence of why this area is indeed special. Don't change a thing and keep up the great work. Thank you. I can't submit this without saying a word about Ben. Obviously an intelligent Christian young man, I felt the spirit move on me like I haven't felt in awhile when reading his testimony. Praise be to Jesus Christ our heavenly father.

05/29/99 13:06
Michael Niederer
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
Wow! I just visited theBlountWeb Presidential Campaigns site, and read through the three or four candidates' web sites I thought might interest me... and I found my candidate! This is a wonderful thing Steve has done for us, to collect all this information in one place! There is enough information here to make informed decisions, which is what our self-government relies on. I even volunteered for my candidate online! Thanks, Steve... this is yet another way to use the internet to bring us together, and to help us each do our best.

05/15/99 11:22
Sondra L. Hedberg
Happy Valley, Tallassee, TN
[email protected]
Just now beginning to look at your website. We are one-half mile up Chilhowee Mtn. Just built a little house in the woods. Have lived in TN 19 years with the dream of building in the mtns. Moved into our home about a month ago.
Sondra, I'm happy for you! And if you see a fellow in an orange shirt cycling his way to the fire-tower, that is my dad. His 70 years rest lightly on him. May we all be so blessed.

05/13/99 20:34
[email protected]
I love it! I come here almost every day.great job. I especially like the Christian atmosphere.

05/01/99 20:09
J. Brian Tipton
[email protected]
love the lookrock cam.

04/28/99 11:39
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
Just checking in again to say I've enjoyed the changes, especially the new civil war history stuff and railroad pictures. Thanks!

04/16/99 12:15
Tammy Hall
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
I've been wanting to visit the site for a lone time, but I kept forgetting. Well I finnaly got here. I think everything is great, but you should add a chat place; so that, the people of Blount County could commune with one another.

04/08/99 10:22
Linda Bailey
Alcoa, TN
[email protected]
Hi Linda! Don't be shy. please...

03/22/99 12:53
Renda Crowe
[email protected]
I am thankful to live in an area that has a school system that cares about the people. As a parent and teacher, I know how hard you work... Keep up the communication!!!

03/17/99 21:29
[email protected]

03/16/99 19:57
Floyd Purchase
I Love the saying, under the Blount Web site seal, being a former YANKEE we appreciate this beautiful area and know that GOD DOES REIGNETH HERE. Keep up the good work.
I think that it's partly because so many of us in Blount County are relative newcomers that we need a medium like the BlountWeb to demonstrate our potential to each other, old and new alike. Appreciating God's blessings, we can give to strangers and discover friends. Anyone willing to share their strengths or announce their needs will likely find a good place among us, and room in theBlountWeb, too.

03/16/99 12:49
Laura DeCinque
Smyrna, TN
[email protected]
Would like any information on Blount Cty/Maryville, Tn. sent to me at 418 Shadowood Dr. Smyrna,Tn 37167. We will be transferring later this year. School and community info helpful. Thanks
Ok, this to our neighbors: I returned Laura an email to make sure she knows that inside our 1700 pages we have an almost 100 page section for Schools in Blount County, another 95-some pages on recreation and parks, and better than 50 pages for local churches. I also pointed her to our Realty Directory. If you know of other good sources, please let her (and us) know about them. Thanks.

03/15/99 16:23
Reginald L. Bullock
Blount County
[email protected]
This site needs to be duplicated for many other cities in the nation.
It is a very comprehensive work in progress that seems to get better over time. It will be interesting to see the site January 2000. Thanks for keeping us informed,

Well thanks, we hope YOU ALL will see us in January 2000 too! (see our Y2K advisory if you're in doubt.) Steve says if he'd had the money he'd have bought the names 'sevierweb' and 'loudonweb' and so forth. But on reflection, there's more than enough to be done here at home. And you know? Home is where the heart is. We also look forward to more labors of love.

03/12/99 12:43
[email protected]

03/12/99 10:05
Bill Collins
Austin, Tx
[email protected]
I like everything about TN, especially it,s people including
my ancestors. A mighty fine place to visit, year round.

03/09/99 17:02
Fred Binning
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
Nice work - keep on expanding

03/09/99 13:10
Ootce [email protected]
What has happened to the Look Rock camera?
Enjoy your site.

Well, rats! It seems the server for the Look Rock Cam site is down... let's hope it doesn't last long. It's a beautiful view, eh?

02/26/99 18:35
Billy Sasser
[email protected]
Sure would like to visit sometime. I was in a campground close to you; I think it was close to Oak Ridge, and had a Gristmill as a restaurant and the campground was on the hill. Can you find it for us? We would like to come again! Thanks

02/18/99 23:17
Staci A. Long
[email protected]
I am glad that Blount County has a web page. I will have to explore this site more closely...

02/12/99 09:43
Carolyn Forster
Leadership Blount County
[email protected]
GREAT JOB!! This is a beautiful site. Just wondered if there is a place for organizations to be listed. Our web site is www.leadblount.nxs.net Thanks for the opportunity to spread the good news!
We have prepared a page of non-profit organizations at www.blountweb.com/nonprofit where we hope to let folks know some of the good work being done in their community. We invite everyone to look it over, let us know what we've missed (which is lots, I'm sure), and participate as best they can in the groups that speak to their hearts.

02/05/99 11:58
joseph livingston
[email protected]

01/23/99 08:46
Lynn Cassell
Big Stone Gap,Va.
[email protected]
I enjoy your website. I think it is very well done and contains useful info about your area. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Lynn Cassell

01/23/98 01:05
Nancy E Weiss
[email protected]
I loved the Recollections of Murray. Puts me somewhere in Missouri, like Hannible. I can't wait to read all the answers to the questions that this episode put in my head. Sounds like someone I may have known or someone we all may have known at some time.

01/21/99 19:17
Rickey E. Moore
Friendsville, TN
[email protected]
I found that the BLOUNT WEB was most informative even though
I have been a resident for 44 years of BLOUNT COUNTY.

01/21/99 07:47
Betty Davis
Maryville, Tn
[email protected]
Hey guys, how's it going! I'm praying that everyone supports this, because I know this will be a great thing for Blount County! Do you plan to have a chat room for the people of Blount County?
Well, we expect to open a Discussions forum in the next couple of weeks, and we invite our viewers to send us ideas for topics and even comments to help us start. We don't feel that it should be our role to provide unmonitored chat-space, but we have considered establishing a net address exchange. Write me, please, all of you, and give us some guidance here. Thanks.

01/20/99 10:03
Maryville, TN
Great pictures, especially the butterflies and Cades Cove. Lets see some more!! Great work, keep it up!
Steve, the designer, tells me that there's room for all manner of artwork in theBlountWeb. He says it better in www.blountweb.com/expressions than I could.

01/19/99 18:30
Mickey Duke
Powell, Tn.
[email protected]
Happened to see your article in Maryville Times. Great web site.

01/19/99 17:17
Nicholas Lewis
Maryville/Pineveiw RD
[email protected]
Great web site has a lot of info on it.

01/18/99 01:39
Saint John N.B
[email protected]
This is a great site. Something for everyone of all ages. I like pougles contribution to the site alot. Keep up the good work. I'll be back again.
It's a little odd, but I like it too. Watch it grow.

01/16/99 20:40
Maryville TN
[email protected]
Great work. Glad to see church listings, including ours, and what a great way to keep involved in community happenings. Thanks, guys.

01/14/99 22:30
Betty Davis
[email protected]
God bless you guys for the wonderful work you're doing!! You're helping so many of us and Blount County should be very grateful to you. I know I am! The graphics are great and you guys are doing such an expert job. What can I say except you're wonderful!!!! Thanks guys!
Thank you. This is meant to be an umbrella site for our whole community, to help create and maintain that community. (See What is theBlountWeb?). We look forward to ever more participation from the public in defining and expanding theBlountWeb.

01/13/99 09:41
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
Nice page! Makes you want to write just to see your name in print! But what if I change my mind? How do I 'unsend'? Not that I want to right now, you understand...
Oooh! Well, it's like email. Once you send it, it's gone. But if you need to, email us and ask nicely, and we'll make it go away.

01/12/99 10:18
Roy Ehman
Alcoa, TN
Dear Webmasters, I read about your site in the paper this morning and was pleased to see Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church listed. However, the address has changed as we sold the previous church and are currently building a bigger new one at 860 Louisville Road, Alcoa, TN 37701. Also we have started a web of our own and would be pleased to have it listed on your site. The Web is at www.ourladyoffatima.org. Many thanks for your kind attention.
Oops! We compiled our list of churches (see www.blountweb.com/churches) from many sources, and no doubt there are still errors and omissions. I'm sure also that there are many congregations with web sites we don't know about. In addition, you may have noticed that we provide a free message board for any who can use it. Spread the word.

01/07/99 19:06
Bob Murphy
Maryville, TN
OK, so you haven't been loafing! The new Business Directory looks and works great, but if you're ready to 'tidy up' here's a few nitpicks: (Editor: an embarrassingly long list of errors has been deleted...). Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the help. Somehow you never see the mistakes until they're printed. Luckily, unlike a newspaper, we can fix ours. Sure, we're embarrassed, but we just clean up and move along...

01/05/99 20:11
Maryville, TN
The new pages look great! I love the colors! I went in to check the Schedules and Events, and I guess you were right! It does need updating! So I added our Newcomers of Blount County Meetings and Coffees at the First United Methodist Church of Maryville. It was easy! Thanks.
Thanks, Bonnie. We hope everyone will think to add to the new Schedules page... its easy, free, and fast. Who knows about music events? Sports? Plays? School outings? The more we use it, the better it is for everyone.

01/04/99 04:30
Michael Niederer, editor of theBlountWeb Guest Book
Maryville, TN
[email protected]
Hello! This is a new BlountWeb feature, and we're excited to hear from viewers everywhere. A few reminders: we are a community site, so please watch your language. We reserve the right to edit. If you see anything that shouldn't be here, please email me (which I read several times a day). Otherwise, TELL US ALL WHO YOU ARE!!! We're glad to know you.

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