Our Parks & Rec Commission maintains some of the most beautiful Parks & Recreation Centers
in East Tennessee. This page lists those parks and what they have to offer.
For additional information go to www.parksrec.com or call 983-9244

Amerine Park
This 7-acre park is located in the City of Maryville on Amerine Road.
Facilities include:
1.3 miles of walking trail
Basketball court
Softball field
Soccer field
Playgrounds (2)

Bassell Courts
This ½ acre park is located on Joule Street in Alcoa.
Facilities include:
Tennis courts (2 lit)
Basketball courts (4)

Charles M. Hall Park
This ½ acre park is located along Hall Road.
Facilities include:
Basketball courts (2 lit)
600 ft. lit walking trail
Drinking fountain

Eagleton Park
A 22-acre park containing seven ball fields located along West Broadway Avenue. All fields are managed and maintained by the Eagleton Baseball/Softball Association.
Facilities include:
Basketball court
1.2 miles of walking trails
Baseball fields (7 lit)
Playgrounds (2)
Pavilion with 2 picnic tables- Contains no electrical outlets
Charcoal grill

Everett Athletic Complex
This 11 ½ acre athletic complex is located on the grounds of the Everett Recreation Center located at 318 South Everett High Road in Maryville. All athletic fields at the facility
are fully irrigated.
Facilities include:
Recreation center with gym and meeting rooms
Football/soccer field (lit)
Soccer fields (3)
.03 miles of walking trails
 Everett Park/Senior Center
This 20-acre park is located in the City of Maryville and includes a community center for senior adults. Facilities include:
Concession stand
Picnic area with 5 picnic tables
Picnic shelter
with 8 picnic tables
Charcoal grills (2)
Shuffleboard court
Basketball courts (2)
Sand volleyball court
Horseshoe pits (2 sets)
Softball fields (2 lit)
Playgrounds (2)
Senior adult center with game and crafts room, meeting rooms, library, and kitchen

Greenbelt Park
This is a 2 ½ mile trail located in the heart of Maryville. The trail follows the creek from behind the courthouse around to the Greenbelt Lake. Trails circle the lake. This ark serves as a hub for the greenway trails as trails travel in three different directions from this park. The Charles West Amphitheater is located directly behind the courthouse. Facilities include:
Picnic pavilion
Picnic tables
Drinking fountains


Howe Street Park
This 2-acre park is located between W. Howe and Edison Streets in Alcoa.
Facilities include:
Pavilion with 6 picnic tables
Basketball court
750 ft. lit walking trail
Drinking fountain
Charcoal grill

John Sevier Park/Pool and Tennis Courts
This park is located on both sides of Westfield Drive in
the City of Maryville and
covers 8 acres.
Facilities include:
Pavilion with 11 picnic tables – Contains no electrical outlets.
Charcoal grills (4)
Picnic tables located randomly throughout the park (7)
Tennis courts
(6 lit) Omni courts
Basketball courts (2 lit)Playground
8,500 sq. ft. lit outdoor pool
800 sq. ft. wading pool
Restrooms (2 sets)

Louisville Point Park
A 16-acre park located at the end of Cox Road off of Louisville Road in Louisville. This park is located along the Tennessee River.
Facilities include:
Pavilion with 12 picnic tables
Picnic areas (2)
Charcoal grills (7)
Boat ramp
Swimming area

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center
This 3,500 square foot community center is located adjacent to the South Hall Swimming Pool on three acres.
Facilities include:
Meeting rooms
Multi-purpose room
Computer room
Patio with benches and charcoal grill

Oldfield Mini Park
This ½ acre park is located at the corner of Steele and Burns Streets in Alcoa. This neighborhood park includes:
Playground and Basketball court

Pearson Springs Park
This eight-acre park is located just off of Montvale Station Road in Maryville and is connected to the Greenway.
Facilities include:
Two irrigated soccer fields
Two little league practice softball fields
Drinking fountain

Pole Climbers Athletic Fields
A 3-acre area located at the corner of Hall Road and Joule Street in Alcoa.
Facilities include:
Softball Fields (2 lit)

Rock Garden Park
This 4-acre park is located on Harrison Street off of Wright Road in Alcoa. This park is heavily shaded by large trees and gets its name from the large amount of rock outcroppings within the park.
Facilities include:
Tennis court
Basketball court


Springbrook Corp.
Center Trail
This .08 mile paved and boardwalk trail circles Springbrook Lake and is located directly behind the City of Alcoa Municipal Building. It is also connected to the greenway trail system.

Sandy Springs Park
This 20-acre linear park is located in the City of Maryville off Montvale Station Road and Best Street, which is adjacent to a small stream and is connected to the Maryville Greenway. The park includes a large playground area, and is also the host of the prestigious Smoky Mountain Classic Softball Tournament, which is held each July.
Facilities include:
Restrooms (2 sets)
Concession stand
Picnic areas (2 with 14 tables)Pavilion with 6 tables
1.7 miles of walking trail
Tennis courts (4 lit)
Basketball courts (2 lit)
Softball fields #2 & #3 are lit
#1 is not
Playgrounds (2)
Charcoal grills (5)

South Hall Pool
& Park Area

Ten acres consisting of a community park and outdoor pool located on Franklin Street in Alcoa adjacent to the Alcoa Greenway and Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center. Facilities include:
Picnic area with
10 picnic tables
Charcoal grills
1,600 sq. ft. outdoor pool
160 sq. ft. wading pool

Springbrook Park/Pool
& Duck Pond
This 62-acre park is the largest park maintained by Parks & Rec. This park is located in Alcoa and runs from Alcoa High School to Hunt Road along Springbrook Road. The park includes a lit scenic walking trail including a natural spring along with a recreation center, softball field, and tennis courts.
Facilities include:
Picnic areas (2)
Pavilions (4 total – 3 have 3 picnic tables each, 1 larger shelter has 8 tables) –The three pavilions located between the Duck Pond and the Swimming Pool have no electrical outlets. Picnic tables are randomly throughout the park (14)
Tennis courts (4 lit)
Softball field (lit)
Toddler Playground
18,000 sq. ft. wading pool
Concession Stand
Community center with gymnasium, game room, and meeting rooms
1,000 linear foot duck
pond for fishing
1.4 miles of lit walking trail
Restrooms (2 sets)
Charcoal grills (5)
Drinking fountains (3)
Park benches (20)
Basketball goals (4)


Duck Pond Park Pavilions (3)Eagleton Park Pavilion
Howe Street Park Pavilion
Everett Park Barn Pavilion
Springbrook Park Pavilion
Greenbelt Gazebo
Greenbelt Park Pavilion
John Sevier Park Pavilion
Louisville Point Park Pavilion
Sandy Springs Park Pavilion
To reserve call Parks & Rec
at 983-9244
To reserve the Greenbelt Pavilion call the City of Maryville
at 981-3300

Administrative Office:
316 S. Everett High Road, Maryville
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 789, Alcoa, TN  37701-0789
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